Why Death is Illusion – A Message for Those Who Fears Death and Impending Doom

By Fatima Ariadne

Okay how many of you have this fear of impending doom? Or terrified by death? I certainly have. I’m a naughty sinner myself. Sure I have a spiritual outlook about death, a set of both hope and fear. But you just can’t ponder the beauty of oceans when you’re an unskilled swimmer being pushed to jump on it without lifesaver.

If you follow today’s materialist culture, maybe it will caught on your mind that death is the END of everything. Well no. If you think death is the end, sorry but you’re just clouded by illusion. Sure death means your days walking on earth inside your body is over. And that after death you can no longer repent or rectify the things you’ve done in life. But the absolute end of all? Sure no.

The concept of “death is the end” is only illusion. Because with death, you basically just continue living with your soul, in another dimension. Your soul is immortal. There is no end with death, only a beginning of another life. What is coming from Creator, will eventually return to Creator.

Death is not the end. Death itself is merely a transition, a bridge. If you choose to travel by airplane, the airplane is only a vehicle taking you to your destination. No one would say that the vehicle IS the destination. Likewise, death is your vehicle to another destination.

(In Islamic concept, your soul doesn’t wander aimlessly in Cosmos after it leaves your body. You will just go to the very destination that is determined by your deeds, faith, and actions in this temporary physical plane.)

Our civilizations and humanity’s most modern tools so far can only assess what happened in the third dimensional realm. Spirit doesn’t belong to third dimensional realm — it belongs to a different, higher vibration. So the most convenient way for godless people is to tell that you cease to exist after death. Because spirit is unobservable, and the unobservable is deemed “illogical”. But regardless, our absence of comprehension regarding soul and afterlife doesn’t nullify its existence. This is where Divine Creator tells us through the scriptures what lies beyond the invisible wall. He created the system, and so He knows best. No guessing game.

So if you tell me you’re really terrified by death, or that you have a fear of impending doom, no it’s not the death itself that you actually fear of. It’s not the soul and body separation that matters most to you. Deep down, you just fear of what kind of event your soul would come across BEYOND this bridge. Or else, you just have a fear of the unknown. Oblivious of what will you come across after you cross over.

But hey, let’s take it to a more brighter look :

Fear of impending doom itself is not always so bad after all. The fear itself is actually a wake up call. Fear of impending doom is how your conscience telling you, “hey, come on, you haven’t tried hard enough to prepare for your eternal journey. Come on, strive again. Search the truth before you die”.

Contemplation of death reminds us how feeble our presence in the Universe, our limit in the face of Infinite One. The event of death is a reminder that we are not our physical reality. We are spirits in physical experience, and that’s our core essence of existence. Our physical body is merely a ship, and our soul the ship captain.

And this is what it meant when Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) stated, be in this world like a traveler in stranger’s land. And as quoted by Rumi, life is a vivid dream and only sleepers consider it real. Since the afterlife is a longer eternal journey than here, we wouldn’t want to play around about it.

“And they say : ‘what is out there but our worldly life? We die and we live, and nothing destroys us but time’. They have no knowledge about it, and they’re only making assumption” (Qur’an Suraa Al Jatsiyah 24)



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