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Picture of me ;-) ”Edge of Infinity”. 
There’s an old adage saying that a candle’s light will not be diminished by lighting other candles. In fact, life only gives back to you what you have given. Some people call it karma. I call it Divine Justice.
From a simple naive wish to ”make the world a better place” — ahem no, scratch that (LOL) — to ”reach out someone’s soul and change lives, albeit indirectly and in modest way”, Decoding Eden was born. This blog aims to open your heart, but I found it opens my heart as well. And I don’t want to just throw advices I’ll never use, I also apply the advices I wrote in Decoding Eden, in my own life. And it blooms. 
Second reason is, I’m getting sick with how Islam is being presented either by its destroyers who claim as muslim, and Islamphobia rants only make it worse for us all! Orthodox Islam is how I find an inner peace of the soul, and I acknowledge the real traditional or Orthodox Islam as the vast tradition that embraces intellect, progress, harmony, spirituality, and beauty.
For years I’ve been a seeker of Divine, and realized that Quran encourages self contemplation and inner reflection in mother nature in something like 70% of its verses, for a reason. And part of the reason is because God is something that can’t be merely confined in masjid or any building and rosary. Wherever we turn and sees throughout horizons, every path only leads to Allah and His magnificence. Either Him or His opposite, in duality. 
We may search and seek for home, but wherever we turn in every direction, if we are so mindful of the Originator, they will all lead to home. Because home is where heart resides and rest, truly in Allah an inner self can find that home, even if we should live as a stranger.
Throughout my life since a teenager I have kept round a journal. But instead of filling it with mundane ”hey diary I got a new boyfriend”, it’s replete with my thought, musings, and random reflections of the day. Soon it becomes a healing in itself.
Soulful writing actually connects us to the source of wisdom that is within, and it feels like digging a hidden treasure and to be surprised every single time — because the treasure is of different forms and colors every single time you dig them. Writing is like polishing a reflection from your own soul to know what it’s calable of. 
Deep inside, we are the ambassadors of God. There is no way God put us here as wanderers with no clear purpose. But now the question is, will you embrace your birthright as His ambassador and to walk with His light, or will you just choose a ”no thanks, that’s useless” and go to ”whatever life takes you”?
Humanity pays attention to trumpets, fireworks, bloods, and celebrations. Humanity remembers the obvious, yet oblivious of the Subtle. But the journey of all journey begins from what is invisible and lies beneath the surface : the inner self and the Soul.

This Blog’s Mission

Decoding Eden is aimed at spirituality side. This is just a little place to help muslims grow, getting an Islam-compliant spiritual pick-me-up, but also as universal as possible that people from other faith background can reap benefits from it as well.

You can read more about it here.

It is too, to echo the statement of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) :

“Verily, this religion is vast, hence embrace its depth with gentleness” (Musnad Ahmad)

Personally, I’m not a dogmatic person. And you’ll find this laid-back style here :). I believe the best way to spread words about Islam is to enlighten, not indoctrinating.

If you read through my blog posts, you will see I share a lot about myself. You will see  Fatima Ariadne as both winner, loser, and dreamer. I share my struggle, extracting lessons from them, to take your hand to see from a fresh point of view. Sometimes we can’t afford to make our own mistakes. We can learn from other people’s mistake as well.

Simply, because Universe or Life is not one-dimensional. And as a child of universe, why shouldn’t we see from as many as sides while we’re still breathing. After all, this is us : struggling to decode Eden in our life paths, beyond all the differences.

There are intersection points in every knowledge more than you could imagined of. The more you know, the more you realize you’re actually smaller than dust. And that you’ll never ever able to overlook the fingerprints of Divine Mastermind in everything.

And that no matter how many years of life you possess in this world, be it millennia or eternity, you’ll never able to serve the Creator enough – and that’s among why we must free ourselves from arrogance or the sense of entitlement, as if we have this exclusive ticket or free ride to heaven. Just like this beautiful prayer uttered by Muhammad (peace be upon him) :

“I’ll never able to praise You enough, You are as You praised Yourself”


Ariadne’s Bio (If That Matters)

Though I’m born muslim, I wasn’t that practicing. In the past I was atheist. Even now, my atheist alter ego is still lurking on the back, tempting and calling in the shadow. I learned several religions, and eventually returned to Islam with peace of heart.

I’m personally a mystic type (though not a Sufi), not ashamed to admit that. Maybe this is the reason I can’t be atheist for far too long. I naturally meditated, lucid dreamed, and astral projected as a child. I’m drawn to nature, especially meadow, oceans, and the stars. I always feel like the earth is alive with heartbeat, and trees have consciousness.

I knew there is more to reality than what is visible to the eyes. I yearn to seek meaning in everything, and that everything is connected in giant web of existence. From ants to stardust, we exist for a meaning, a purpose.

I’ve got people calling me all sorts of thing. From “you’re like an alien” to “walking library” and “plant whisperer”, but mostly as eccentric weirdo and “outside this world” (LOOOL). I never take offense because, frankly they are spot on. Ha!

Talking about being “alien” — Honestly, though I feel empathy for the earth so much, I can’t cease to wonder why this planet is such a strange place, with people mindlessly trying to consume one another. I swear by God, that’s always puzzling me. Why can’t there just be co-existence instead of destruction here and there?


Attitude on Life :

1) Life is larger than what we set our minds to see. As Shakespeare wrote “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy”. Keep learning and ask a new question everyday, seek possibility, fly outside your box. Reality and existence are not set in stone, they can be seen in different  ways. Islam is our glasses to see the world, but it’s not the world itself.

2) Never say never until you try it yourself. If all you have is prejudice instead of solid proof, you’re still uninformed.

That’s all about me. Thank you for stopping by! :)



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