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This blog is dedicated to explore the deeper other side of Islam – beyond the black and white ideas – it is to rediscover love, harmony with the Divine Creator and His creations.

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When it comes to making a difference, an action can’t be done soon enough.

I was frantic as hell when setting up this blog. I really do.

I’m afraid muslims from here and there come calling me names, accusing me of bad stuff for sharing some unconventional ideas here. Maybe the softest one would tell “you should instead listen to what Islamic scholars say”.

Sometimes when we’re growing to becoming religious, we are trapped in a severe black and white mentality. Forgetting the core what’s the rules and religiosity really stands for.


You’ve heard the phrase “habluminallah” and “habluminannaas”. Roughly translated as “relationship with God” and “relationship with humans”. Then there are more : with environment.

But it’s not just “relationship”. Harmony is the key.

Not that I say, halal haram and fiqh is unnecessary.

Otherwise, I will choose to not wearing hijab, not establishing salaah, for a reason “hey, but I have Islam in my heart!”. But it doesn’t work that way. Even the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, faith (imaan) is started from the heart, then speech, then actions. Faith without actions is fruitless.

Rather, it is to realize the bigger picture beyond. Life can be seen in a different, empowering way. While the darker side of is nothing but an avenue to grow.

Okay…maybe I’m talking too big right now for this smallish blog. *smile*

But that is my personal vision, my dream, when setting up Decoding Eden.

My motto is : “To dream is free. Working on it is something else”.

Insha Allah, I hope Allah will help me working on reaching it. Ameen.


So, why choosing a name Decoding Eden?

Whether we see it or not, we are the mortals, the children of universe trying to unravel our way to find the Divine One. We all try to decode a path to Eden. But in the other hand, life’s worldly temptation (dunya) can be as cunning as Arachne’s web.

How clear is our conscience? From the ball-chain of ego and lust?

“(A path to) Paradise is surrounded by hardships (trials), while hell is surrounded by lust of evil desires” (Sahih Bukhari Muslim)

You can interpret the Eden here in two meanings : the Eden in hereafter. Or the Eden in this world, reflected by harmony with other creations of God.

At least, it is written from the eyes of an ordinary muslim girl who’s trying to practice her Islam (and is a self-help spiritual addict!). But still, though without losing its Islamic base leg, I’ll try my best to make this blog as UNIVERSAL as possible – that regardless your religion, you can grasp and apply the message here. :)

Until then, I hope you’ll enjoy Decoding Eden. And don’t forget to sign up to “Simple Reminders” weekly newsletter. Not just sharing some inspirational hadiths , Qur’an verses, and Companions’ stories, I also share an insight of self improvement tips and valuable Islamic free downloads. You’ll thank yourself for joining this!

Again, I appreciate you greatly for stopping by. Thank you, you’re a doll! ^.^


As-salamu ‘alaikum warahmatullah wabarakaatuh

(May peace, mercy, and Divine blessings be poured unto you),



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  1. 5 years ago

    Oh, so this is the first post… I see… Nice blog btw, and I love the encouraging “Got something to say? Go for it!” bolded text above the comment box and stuff…
    Either ways, keep up the fantastic work. I really benefiting. Masalaama.

    • 5 years ago

      Wow masha Allah the comment, I even forgot this article existed! :D LOL

  2. 2 years ago
    Irfan qadri

    Was looking for a for stuff on humility in prayer and bounced upon your blog.Was surprised to know the name decoding Eden. But after reading this article knew why it was so. Good articles.Keep the good work up!


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