We May See A Piece of Puzzle, but Not the Entire Picture

By Fatima Ariadne

Sometimes, the way we speak about things in this life doesn’t always show what those things truly are. Sometimes it only shows us who we truly are and what we are.

How can we say or think or believe we have all of the answers to life and its mystery, if we’re just judging things from its fractals, instead of the whole picture as one?

We may see parts, but we may not see all in one.
We may hear, but we don’t listen.
We may listen, but we assume.
We may read one chapter, but not the whole encyclopaedia book.
We may see one piece of puzzle, but not the whole picture integrated as one.
We may see a stream, but not the river.
We may see a leaf, but not the tree.
We may see a grass, but not the entire meadow.
We may hold one drop of seawater, but not the entire ocean.
We may walk to the seashore, but haven’t seen the entire ocean.
We may see island, but not the entire planet.
We may see the sky and the stars, but not the entire cosmos.

So what can be the remedy to our short-sightedness and one-sidedness?

Walk further and journey on.
See further with eyes of openness, of empathy, transcendental love, and understanding. See with an open-heart.
See further for when you see further, you will see more and see all.

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