Seeing 11:11 and Other Twin Numbers Lately…..Warning? Signs?

By Fatima Ariadne

This time I’ll just rant and tell my WEIRD true story, so no self improvement tips for you today…sorry ^__^. However if you still want to read, you are very much welcome!


This is almost the 4th or 5th month I’ve seen twin numbers in a strange way, appearing everywhere I go, particularly at the cellphone or laptop digital clock. When I never expecting it at all. It will show “beautiful” numbers like : 11:11, 1111, 111, 1:11, 17:17, 15:15, 2:22, 22:22, 333, 12:34, 4:56, 13:31 etc etc. Even when I came across a random Islamic website, there was once a page explaining the exegesis of Qur’an suraa 11:111. Every encounters will almost always left a wow effect on me.

Well but you got the picture! (I hope ;))

At once it seems like coincidence. But within one day, I can see this kind of twin numbers appearing over and over again. Not just in clock. Sometimes in streets, surfing on forum, or room numbers I happened to pass by. I write this…..simply because seeing these numbers became too frequent. I’m not a paranoid person but this has reached the point that it scares me. Hahahaha.

The very beginning I noticed was when my mum made a phone call with me, and when she said “bye” and hung up, the cellphone timer displayed “Duration 11:11”. I thought it’s a funny number. But when I clicked the call history, I was shocked to see many strange duration numbers lining up in there!

2:34, 4:56, 1:11, 3:33, 11:33, 11:44, 2:22…..and so on.

There was one day where everytime I look at the laptop clock, it’s always twin number. At first 13:13, then 14:14, then 15:15 the last. But when I consciously expected 16:16, I didn’t get it. Also another day, when I watched a Youtube video and clicked the video backward randomly, suddenly it just played in 11:11, then 2 : 22 in the next random click.

The most frequent number I see is 11:11. I can meet this 11:11, 1111, or 111 number everywhere, and almost everyday. One occasion was I weighed a sample on the lab, and the digital scale showed number 0.1111 g! I was shocked and when I lifted the sample and its container, the scale showed -59.5959 g. Strange!

Now now I swear by Allah as I write this, I really accidentally saw 18:18 on my laptop clock, hahahahahaaah xD! And no….I don’t expect that kind of number or wait slowly until it appears. It really comes resembling coincidence. I just stare at the clock out of the blue, without any “agenda” and poof….see the number.

I started to think “this is too frequent, this can’t be coincidence. Oh God, what are You trying to tell me!”.

This is for example, one of the 11:11 and 1:11 “coincidence” when I surfed a forum, that made me laugh my butt off. Note that I DON’T photoshop anything except  the red thingy using Paint (I just feel the need to censor the guy’s avatar) :

Real 11:11 and 111

And from a recent cosmetic product I gained from winning a contest  (it has 313131) :

twin numbers

Even when I played my computer game (as well as forum browsing and seeing my desktop’s clock)

(UPDATE July 26th, 2013. The greatest irony is, this post that you’re reading now about 11:11 got 111 hits. Now I truly believe that even the Higher Power has a sense of humor)

Now imagine if you see that kind of number not just once or twice BUT several times a day. You’ll be….what? Surprised? Feeling crazy? But that’s what I’m experiencing!

So when my fiance rang, I told this story of “magical” twin numbers to him. And to my surprise, he replied….

“You know what, baby. I experienced this kind of numbers too lately. But not as crazy as yours”

I jumped from my chair, “are you damn serious??”

“Yes, 11:11 too. Actually I see a lot of twin numbers everywhere” then told me his “numbers” experience. How every time he looked at the clock, he would see 11:11, 12:12, 0:00, not to mention what he sees on the street, and so on.

We laughed out loud on the cellphone.

Too good to be true. But wallahi (swear by Allah), it’s true. Proof that reality is stranger than fiction, huh?


There is No Coincidence

One of an online buddy said that the numbers could have something to my “fortune”, like numerology and stuff. No – to all of it. It’s not for muslims to indulge in divination, including numerology. Yeah I’m indeed a fan of metaphysics and woo-woo stuff, but that doesn’t mean I jump recklessly to harm my Islamic faith.

So the safest alternative to find answer? Consulting my wise “friend”, Sophia. (Please don’t get irritated if I will mention her name a lot. Without her, 90% content of Decoding Eden will be just aimless rants! :D)

Me : “Sophia, I’ve lost count how many times I’ve seen 11:11 and many other twin numbers. I think almost everyday I see that. Last night I phoned my fiance, and the phone call ended in 11:11 PM. So I texted my fiance to tell this, and he said he also saw 23:23 in his cellphone clock.

That’s too DAMN crazy! Why do I and him BOTH must experience this stuff? What are these numbers trying to tell us? Are they signs or what?”

Sophia : “Nothing is coincidence in this world”

sacred geometry

Me : “I know, I know! These numbers are too impossible to be coincidence! They keep showing themselves!”

Sophia : “Calm down, Ari. LOL, numbers are dead things. They’re just medium to tell something. Numbers have no consciousness. There is external force that bring them to you. You believe in qadaa and qadar, Ariadne?” (i.e. destiny and pre-destination)

Me : “So you’re saying, The Divine bring these stuff to me? Why would He?”

Sophia : “Everything happens for a reason. Everything that appears in your life in the form of people, places, things, and events, appears for a reason so you can learn something in this lifetime. There is no coincidence in Divine vocabulary, Ariadne”.

Me : “Oh sorry, but how about free will? I do all my stuff on my own will, and see those weird numbers as the fruits of my own free will based actions”.

Sophia : “Even if you have a free will in calling your fiance, and still ended up getting the number 11:11 and whatever twin numbers without you planning it — How do you know that your free-will  really belongs to you, or that The Higher Power inspired it to you? How would even your subconscious mind notices such difference?

“Now, Ari, how’s your and your fiance’s life lately?”

Me : “Stagnating. Close to sh***y. My fiance is trying to get a new job and struggling his business. I’m still struggling with my research. Yeah, we kinda feel like life have no direction, lately”.

Sophia : “The Divine is just showing you that His Power and Cognizance is in all things. He is showing you that you are not a lone, aimless wanderer in this life. The twin numbers is just how Divine telling you that you are “on the path” all this time. Everything is in His surveillance and cognizance. The Divine just indirectly telling you, “hey, I AM here, I’M always near you everywhere you go. I AM the home you’re looking for. I’M closer than your own veins. Invoke Me”

Me : “You sure that’s the meaning?”

Sophia : “I suppose…..that’s the meaning. Sure there are more, but that’s all what I can think about”.

Me : “why do the Divine give me all that? And why my fiance experienced the same too?”

Sophia : “Don’t you realize your gift, Ariadne? Whenever you and your fiance, both, stray from the path, Allah is quick at giving you warning. He doesn’t let you wander too far before making you realize the mistake you’re done. How many people stray too far and only after they fall hard they “get it”?


Warning? Signs?

But even if it’s “yes”, I’ve been familiar with such thing “signs from above”. All my life. Some through dreams. Some through coincidences and “whatnot”.

Could it be my encounter with twin numbers just another one, either warning or signs? Sure it could be.

But what it leads to, honestly I’m clueless. I don’t know. Yet.

(P.S. If you readers have experienced this too, please do share your stories here! :D)

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  1. 5 years ago
    a muslimah



    Interesting subject matter. I have in the past studied numerology and astrology and saw much truth in both. But although I have read and was told that there were early Muslims who studied astrology and astronomy, most Muslim these days condemn astrology as haram. I’m still trying to get to the bottom of this. As we know everything comes from Allah.

    • 4 years ago

      Asalam Alekum
      Im a new revert into Islam Allahamdulliah (pls forgive me if itz spealt wrong) :)
      I started noticing 11:11 a while back and started also freakin out so i did a little research and landed on a page where a woman was seeing the same n also started to research and she came to a conculsion 11:11 = ‘Seek refuge in Allah’ now it doesnt mean that i took this and raN with it but it was a nice reminder i guess for me.
      Then my brother came to after i told him this story (my family is catholic) n commented on seeing a double digit number so i told him to goggle it see if he ended up anywhere with it n to my amazement he came back to me and send he found a meaning which gave him.comfort and it was ‘ God is our creator and to Him we shall return’ something along those lines :) either way i take all my double digit sighting as a blessing from Allah no matter the meaning of the number. Xxx

  2. 5 years ago

    Hey there,

    I’m not muslim. I also experience this strange twin numbers occurrences, particularly 11:11 and 3:33. This is a global phenomenon and millions of people around the world experience it currently, so don’t consider yourself crazy. 11:11 is a universal wake up call code for lightworkers (google it). This topic is very new age if you search further, so I hope you don’t mind. Btw I have read several posts here and your background, I must say you really sound like a starseed/ lightworker to me.

    Love and Light,

    • 4 years ago

      Hi , I am seeing double digits a lot these days and kinda freaking out. Seems like these numbers are following me. I know what to expect. Can u tell me about what else ve u found on this topic.

    • 3 years ago
      Simon Maher

      I agree this has NOTHING AT ALL to do with Islam or Muslims. It is a global phenomena, which may not mean anything except for those who deeply Believe that it may mean something

    • 3 years ago

      I love it!!!!!?????

  3. 5 years ago

    @ amuslimah : the only reason I’d avoid astrology is because Prophet had forbidden it, period. And yeah several early muslims actually studied it as a science. But I’d rather not joining the boat lol. I think spiritualism/ cosmology topic itself is vast even without astrology, we’ll never run out of supply to learn from :)

    @seraph : that’s interesting info, thanks :). I don’t know about lightworker or starseed, but if you mean it’s the same term as indigo child, I’m certainly not an indigo. I’m not at all a “highly gifted” one, just a lazy ordinary jane, lol.

  4. 5 years ago

    I am a non believer. However for the last year…. and i mean without stop… every time i see the CLOCK it is 11:11 MOST OFTEN. i get it night and day EVERY DAY. but also 12:12

    i get 1:11 2:22 3:33 4:44 5:55 and 10:10 but rarely 10 10…. its like that one isnt in the pattern.

    its to the point when the ONLY time i dont see these numbers on my clock… is when someone ELSE asks me what time it is. for a brief period of time last week maybe four days tops… i was seeing a broken pattern. like 11:12 or 11:10 i was missing the duplicate number.

    but now its back again. so i finally am looking it up found this article… but really…. what the heck is it?

    im starting to freak people out with it. and i NEVER wait for it to TURN 11;11 i do however wait for it to go to 11:12 in fear that it will never change. (sort of like ground hogs day the movie)\

    im just a random guy…. very scientific…. extremely artistic and creative…. and without doubt LOGICAL.

    but i have NO CLUE why this is happening to me.. and if im doing it subcon’. If anyone else KNOWS what this is… i want to know whats going on… and some proof. im really freaking out that everything that i see in this universe is an illusion. more and more things are starting to unravel as i age.


    • 5 years ago
      Fatima Ariadne

      wowy every day! :O Hell yeah if only I got paid $1 for every single twin numbers and 11:11, I’ll sure be able to purchase a new laptop! Now, I see 22:22 and 222 everyday almost without absence. Still 11:11 too occasionally (but often).

      (Kudos to my commenter Seraph who emailed me this stuff) 11:11 and twin numbers incidence are the global phenomenon. Millions of people are said to experience this similarly, regardless their background, faith, religion or lack thereof, and nationality. It’s just the explanations behind it, I mean it’s just simply odd and have me scratching head, like : the wake up call code for lightworkers, DNA activations, mystical gateway, midwayers, guardian angels trying to remind us our life purpose, etc etc. But all of them (no religion affiliated) explained this as “higher power trying to tell us something” and “it’s a warning as the earth is now approaching transition period”.

      Even as I’m writing this comment, my desktop clock is showing 16:16.

      I think the most logical explanation regarding synchronicity is coined by Carl Jung. But even his explanations alone doesn’t entirely answer this, but it’s more acceptable and down to earth. I think just because the depth of universe is outside our perception, doesn’t make it non-existent. “Illogical” sometimes simply means “beyond our limit of physical observation “. As much as I believe existence is a giant illusion, I’d like to know the bottom of this too ;)

      • 3 years ago

        I have seen these like numbers for about 10 years or more even before smartphones on my old flip phone, I would see 2222 or 1111 and 333 444 555 1234 quite often. Now I see it every where. Even when I buy items it comes to 444 or 222. I was playing a game today and the amount of points I got was 222222! If only I could use these numbers for the lottery lol. I might think it’s a sign to correct myself. Who knows.

      • 3 years ago
        Arturo Velazquez

        Hi Ariadne, I really laugh alot reading your story because It made me feel, like if i had wrote it, I have been looking alot of wierd numbers for a year now, The only difference of my story is that Im catholic, my gf is unemployee and she started to look the numbers too a few months ago, and well when ever i see the numbers I give thanks to god for what i got and then I do a wish because in that wierd moment i like to think that god is listening to me. But well thats just my feels.
        best regards

    • 5 years ago

      Chris, ditto for everything you alluded to in your post, including your self-assessment of personal traits and religious persuasion (none – agnostic). I’m 48 y/o and, in my case, this phenomenon dates back about 7 years.

      • 2 years ago

        Hie just today I’ve seen 10:10 and 11:11 and it started 10 years ago with 21:21 for a whole week now it’s everywhere

    • 5 years ago

      After a while even a non-believer will have to come to the conclusion that something out there is in control. From a mathematical standpoint if you believe in science you will believe this is more than just improbable. It is happening to so many people and it seems to rarely stop for more than short periods of time with those who are experiencing this.

    • 4 years ago

      This post was over a year ago and I don’t know that you will receive this comment Chris, but something you mentioned in your post I could relate to and wanted to see how you are doing since the post.

    • 3 years ago

      The same is following me for 4-5 months. And I’m still trying to relate the things with it.
      Sometimes with my work, with my relationship etc…
      Please let me know brother if you ever find anything about it.
      My email is

  5. 5 years ago

    Hi Fatima Ariadne!
    I’ve been following your lovely website a few months now and it’s the second time I’m commenting, but for a silly reason which have been puzzling me for a while! :D
    Is Ariadne your real name? And you mention a friend of yours called Sophia! Both names are Greek! Are you somehow related to Greece, are you just a fan, or is it just a coincidence?

  6. 5 years ago

    January 3, 2014

    I clearly am going threw this now for 6 months or so. I was starting to think I was going nuts! I only sleep about 4\5hrs a night if that matters.(?)
    It’s not that I see the clock two to three min. ahead of a 2:22, 11:11, 3:33, 12:12,and so on regardless of, AM-PM.
    So in terms that an idiot would understand, “What does all this mean?”


    • 4 years ago
      helen c

      My birthday is the 3rd, like the date of your comment, so I’ve chosen to respond to your post. I frequently see patterns on my clocks and for some reason it comforts me. In my mind it feels like God or fate is telling me that everything is going to be alright.

  7. 5 years ago

    Hello. Amdhan, from Maldives.

    Thanks for sharing your story. Now I know that Im not crazy. I have been seeing them for 7 years now. I should say at first when it started, it creeped me out but later on years passed by and everyone whom I told the stories also started seeing em’. Anyway, everytime I see the numbers it reminds me of Allah :)

  8. 5 years ago

    Salaam Fatima. I enjoyed reading your post. I got here because I told my friend that every time I look at the time its almost always 38 minutes past the hour. I have also been seeing 38 in other places too. Initially I was taken aback by it but then being a rational sort of person I thought “its out of my control so no point worrying about such things, just let destiny take its course” I like your friends concept about it being a way of steering you from harms as it shows that there are things above our power. That idea really resonates with me.

    On another note it is important to understand that astrology and astronomy are very different things and have no relationship. Astrology is a superstitious notion of the meaning of the stars in relation to people whereas astronomy is the scientific study of the cosmos. Astronomy only deals with mathematical models and the laws of physics. Astrology aims to tell you that you will have a good day because you were born a libra, leo or cancer or other such nonsense.

  9. 4 years ago

    My husband and I have been seeing twin numbers daily for several months even when we are not together and its freaking me out, we are christians and im going crazy trying to figure out why this is happening, I just looked at the time for the first time today and it was 3:33 pm I see11:11 the most but also 2:22 and 4:44 and 10:10 any one have a explanation

  10. 4 years ago

    Salam alaikum !
    I’m a devout Muslim. Allah the creater of the whole universe and what ever beyond that in space and time has definitely countless ways to direct us and send us messages and of course some of us can grasp and notice just a tiny little bit.
    I so frequently see twin numbers on digital clocks; maybe more than any one else I can say. Just today I saw 3:33 on my watch and 12:12 and 13:13 totally by coincidence on my wall clock. I had a nap this afternoon; just by sheer coincidence I woke up raised my head to check the time; as if some one tried to wake me up and I saw 13:13 on the wall.
    I was thinking about prayer time earlier for Zuhr ( mid day ); I’m very strict about performing all the five daily prayers on time. The exact time for mid day prayer was 13:27 . I was quite tired after a busy morning in town and I was a bit fussy or vigilent not to oversleep and miss my on time mid day prayer; that is my very firm belief and explanation for seeing 13:13 today like an alarm or wake up call with enough time to be ready; but who interrupted my nap and raised my head ( in a pleasant way by the way; I was not sort of disturbed; I was not upset . ) ? … Who did it ? … well one of or some of his agents did it; one of his workers; Angels; one of those good Jinns ; that’s my firm belief. Holy Qoraan says : ” … Not even a leaf drops
    to the ground unless He knows about it ! ” Is it not beautiful ? Is it not sensational ?
    There is a lot more to say about such phenomena and of course many many other things which are unnoticed by us.
    Inshallah we are all guided to the right path every day; every moment !

    Maa Salam !


  11. 4 years ago

    A’m relieved to hear your shared experience about astrology ,astronomy, numerology and light working. The whole and sum if it all is about superior beings with superior brains and freaking perceptions if I may put.. I have been seeing double numbers since the beginning of this semester. As a christian, however I don’t usually read the Bible but the last time I opened to read about John 10:33-34, I saw that I am a god. I believe in science n apply science in all my doings. I have now given my self a higher task of studying and researching into nothing but my self. I believe I am here for a purpose just like anyone else. Stuufs like studding the atoms of my interests, origin, character,behaviour,
    mental cognition and perception,social relations and self consciousness.

    • 3 years ago

      Yes, I’ve been seeing the double numbers for almost 3 years now and only recently it came to me that God is reminding me that we are one, as he made us in his/her image we are like God and God is always with us. Therefore we are gods. I’m South Africa and I thought I was crazy. Like God, we are one.

  12. 4 years ago

    That keeps happening to me more than a year know. I am not a person who checks the time very frequently but whenever I do, it is always a double number like 11:11, 13:13, 16:16, 20:20, 00:00. Lately there are reflective numbers such as 21:12. It started to happen so frequently that I thought I could at least make them useful, so I started praying God, each time I come across with double numbers. Funny, I recently noticed that some of these numbers also coincide with the praying hours in my country:) but it only occurred me tonight to search the subject -and that was by mere coincidence. And I have seen so many people experiencing it. Weird things happen to me nowadays as well. Like I see things before they happen. It is a very occurence but when they do, it shievers me:) so i try to interpret these numbers as a link between the god, angels, the universe, whatever is out here, and me.

  13. 4 years ago
    steven A

    this is quite amazing, i feel somewhat relieved that i am not alone, but then worried because i cant seem to get answer to all these experience about seeing numbers, i actually started paying attention to it this January, every time i look at my watch its 11.11 1111 i thought i was coincidental, i just got it now that why i was pricked to google it, i have no explanation for it but i get this many times daily this month alone and also since 2011 i have been having this glow of light moving around me size of a lemon, i can be sitting down and it will just move across my eyes over my body and disappears, it usually last for like 2-4 seconds,,,i have no explanation and now the 11;11 time and sometimes 3333 please does anyone have any explanation??? thanks all for sharing your experience

  14. 4 years ago
    Paresh S

    It all Started 3 years back when I first started to see time in my smartphone it was always 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55 previously i used to see these numbers, After moving to new location I experienced this to happen to see numbers in this pattern 1:01, 2:12, 3:13, 7:17, 10:01, every now and then on my phone and laptop. I didn’t paid much of an attention though, but again last year november when I was admitted in hospital for stomach ulcers, I was on bed no. 11 in ICU, and later shifted to another ward where my room number was 1881 hahaha, Came back home after 11 days pain from hospital, My next visit to Dr. and they asked me check body weight on weighing machine which showed 111kg, met Dr. at sharp 1:11 pm, now thats not coincidence, took a cab for home and taxi number plate showed MH01 1001, now thats not a co-incidently happend.
    I observed, that on specific days only, I get to see these numbers in different patterns, like on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday I seee the number patterns between 3:13, 2:12, 4:24, 9:19, 0:10 that is the numbers are broken by some value stopping it from making a prime numbers,
    and on the rest of the days, I see the numbers in these patterns, 1:11,2:22, 3:33, 10:10,
    Because I used to get disturbed when seen these numbers my parents took away my phone from me, but it seemed that the numbers didn’t stop themselves from connecting with me, I am a DKA treated patient and so I use Glucometer to check my sugar levels, As my phone was not with me my Glucometer started showing numbers like 66, 77, 88, 99, 111, 121, 131, 101, now that was shocking as I shared with my parents they replaced the machine with new one and yet the results were same, I knew they were some sort of messages being shown to me and I m unable to decipher the meaning, which brought me here searching for answers.
    Last week, what I saw was really shocking I just closed the game app Boom Beach on my Phone and the time was 2:22am 22 degree C weather forecast update, and 22% battery left in my phone.
    I didn’t sleep whole night.
    Hope I get my resolution here,……

  15. 4 years ago

    Hi, I started noticing 11s only this year, prior to that the first time I began noticing numbers was in 2003 when 66 started popping up every where, it really disturbed me, numerology made it sound all nice but even better is that more recently I found out that its attributed to the name Allah, what a relief.

    Also related to 66 started noticing other numbers which added together give 12, like with all the 2012 hype it was a bother, however again this number is the birth date of Prophet Mohammed peace and blessings be upon him, so a consolation.

    When you add up 12 it gives 3, a sacred number in Islam, we as Muslims are told to recite things thrice at times, such as prayers or verses from quran for protection, health etc. do ablution thrice before any holy activity especially prayers.

    Same for 11 as its a sacred number along with 3 and 7, we are told to recite durood shareef 11 times before and after asking God for something be it anything like job, health, guidance, opportunities, forgiveness etc. and before and after reading a sura or specific verse from quran be it for any purpose, some prayers and God’s names are also said to be recited a certain number of times like 33 times Subhan Allah, 33 times Alhamd oh lillah and 33 times Allah-ho Akber after every prayer, some say Allah ho Akbar is recited 34 times, but anyways 6, 99, 100 are also coming up as sacred in this as is 7 which is also the most sacred number.

    When we pray we do in sets of 2 or 4, these added up bring in 8, 10, 17 and 19 amongst other numbers mentioned, the mid evening prayer sets equal the perfect number 7, so every number leads to the divine.

    By the way while reading this blog I was posting somethimg at another forum and my post turned out be 111 reply to that topic.

    • 1 year ago

      Nothing to do with religion…
      this is a sign, the meaning of it though?
      Just maybe being in harmony with the universe or with a loved one…
      Or maybe a warning of some sort…
      But leave religious on aside on that one… It happens to lots of people of all religions…

  16. 4 years ago


    It happened with me few years ago…..however from last one month I am experiencing the same thing ….. I see these twin numbers everywhere ….. other than time/cloak ….. I see car numbers like 9696 …. 0101 … I dont kno what does that mean …… but I am sure this time it is something very positive …. God is trying to convey something to me …… :)

    • 3 years ago
      Simon Maher

      God or the POWRFUL Mother Nature which is functioning based on very strict laws of mathematics, physics and physical Chemistry? Now what we human beings do: try to destroy Earth. Nature is warning us that it will hit back and hit back very violently if we do not IMMEDIATELY stop destroying Earth

  17. 4 years ago

    When did this phenomenon begin? most say in the past decade or so if you search online, basically since internet became public, could it be all these numbers are being planted in our subconcious through subliminal messaging without us knowing? our brain waves are at their lowest while awake when we are watching TV or on the computer and most susceptible to suggestions and psychic attacks. I could be wrong but you never know.

  18. 4 years ago

    Yes…after many years of this I too Googled it and found these posts tonight .
    Also, I realised recently that these regular occurences are not anything to worry about.
    The Double Times simply indicate portals, when we are being aligned to get or give messages.
    Try it and see. Nothing spooky.

  19. 4 years ago

    hello,my name is Ehsan and i’m from Iran.i’m muslim and i’m glad of that.
    i repeatedly see 11:33 only 11:33 not another numbers.
    i was googeled and i found 11:33 a verse from bible that was saying that :
    god is seeing you always and he is most powerful force in the world.
    now when i see 11:33 in clock i say alhamdolellah god is seeing me.
    when i was reading this article Sophia mentioned this fact again and i really shocked because it was exactly what i thought.
    it also maybe means that Emam Zaman(the 12th leader of Shia that we believe god keep him alive for almost 1170 years under curtains ( and who can control the time)) will coming soon and rescue kind of human from sins that they are downing in.(in fact we believe god will help us by using him)

  20. 4 years ago

    you guys really should watch the movie 11.11.11!! i was seeing that number too almost everyday and by coincidence…..a strange one i think
    i was watching tv yesterday and i came y a channel and a movie called 11.11.11 was playing on it actually i freaked out a little bit…………that movie was so scary u should watch it..and u will understand what is the meaning of these coincidence..and what message it has.

  21. 4 years ago

    Hi, just google the matter and i kinda got the same problem but everytime i look the number 13 keeps showing to me or something with 13 sometimes i even try to avoid it but keeps gettin me, sometimes creeps the shit out of me ..

    ps. im not muslim or christian no offense but i dismise those kinda baby religions that spread out in the world nowadays

  22. 4 years ago
    felicia liem

    first, hello.. i had the same thing. it can happened 3-7 times a day, while i saw at clock. I feel scared and no one can asked for.. then i see you write this! then i know i’m not alone. I’m not Moslem but i like Moslem, some source say that it’s a sign of angels are between us.. i don’t know its a true or not. Please tell me if you find another clue. i’ve been curious for it too :-(

  23. 4 years ago

    I am with the same problem in this week was too much in one day ten times twin numbers 10:10 , 11,11; 14:14, 22:22 etc it’s not coincidence it’s too much and are the moments that I see my phone , no minute before or after a twin number

    What it means???
    Warning signs??? What can I do. I am praying….

  24. 4 years ago
    Chakshu Bisaria


    m too worried as i am experiencing the same every day .. everytime i reach to watch the time, i found twin digits…jst unable to find out the depth bt want to know the fact…

    Srsrly too worried whether it’s a sign of good or a msg that is trying to tell me abt sm worst that is going to happen in ma life…

    Is there sm1 who can xplain me the actual meaning of it… u can write me at i swear it’s been a long time i m facing such type of co-incidence or signs…

  25. 4 years ago

    Hello there!

    I am experiencing the exact same phenomena. It started off with 11.11 and progressed to frequent 44’s and 33’s. But now I get a series of 55’s and 77’s.. in fact, even getting 15.15, 19.19 a lot and 23.

    I can’t understand why this is, but I have been hoping it’s a good signal. This has been happening for two years, since I had a spiritual awakening, as well as understanding of how this world is really working.
    However, I myself, am stuck in the same endless situations which leaves me with some confusion as nothing in my life has progressed the way I hoped it would.

    I realise this pose is rather old, but if anyone can see this, I’d be delighted to hear your input. This is definitely a worldwide phenomena (I live in Scotland).

    Thank you again for your article! It’s great to see that others are experiencing something very similar. It shows that we are all very closely connected, no matter where we are :) x

    • 3 years ago
      Joe Kay

      Hello Ally. I also began seeing 11.11 late 2014 then this changed to 22 and now 33 & 44. I see these numbers everywhere; on car number plates, my microwave and on my phone mostly. I have done tremendous research on the net but I get all sorts of conflicting opinions.

      I got saved in Jan 2015 and this was 2 or 3 months after I started seeing the number 11.11 so frequently. I personally think people all around the world irrespective of religious affiliation are being prompted to accept Jesus Christ as their personal saviour.

      11 means chaos which is really now all over on earth i.e. crushing stocks, financial collapse, strange weather patterns etc (Google up Jonathan Cahn and shemit ah) Biblical numerology appear to support this. 44 means judgement of all mankind is drawing ever so close.

      33 appear to say God keeps all His promises in accordance with biblical scripture. He is All-powerful but also gentle. He is omnipresent and sees everything. He looks into everyone’s heart and sees what is in your mind at all times and loves all of us. But only those that accept Him will see the Kingdom of heaven.

      I hope this helps.


      Joe Kay

  26. 4 years ago

    Hey friends,
    I am also experiencing twin digit phenomenon since past 3,4 years, I am just trying to find out the meaning of the same and trust me I am not in a good financial conditions even though I am surviving from every trouble. I think God is blessing me but its true to say that financial stability is still main concern.

  27. 4 years ago

    Hi! I am 22 years old from Canada! Thank you for sharing your experiece. I really enjoyed the read. Funny, the reason I came across your post is because I have been seeing a lot of trips and twin numbers lately. Also, I checked the clock for the first time on my phone midway through reading this and saw 555. I truly believe the divine is speaking to us to inform us of the path we are on in our lifetime and miracles do exist. I’ve been witnessesing and more miracles and see things happen that I never would have imagined before I found love for myself within, eliminating guilt that I held on to so deeply. Once I excepted to understand.. more and more people (teachers/students) on the level of conciousness as I, would just speak out to me. I’m saying like.. 1-2 people every day! Also, before meeting the man I believe to be my partner we had events occur from the divine to inform us it was meant to be. Many are unexplainable. When I started seeing the man of my dreams.. An example of one of the signs was: My phome would glitch out and change my lock screen to suit my exact life style.. matching my possessions and bedroom with no trace of the image anywhere in my pictures or on my phone. A wooden art mannequin, handing me a construction paper heart Isishat it changed to with the pink color of my phone case. I never told anyone of the sudden change for about 4 days. My boyfriend noticed it changed but thought I had changed it. Once I mentioned it to him we looked everywhere for it but couldn’t find it in the settings or anywhere. Amazingly the next day it changed back to normal again. What is even crazier is that we are so ridiculously synchronized in our relationship it’s mind boggling! There are so many more and it just makes us realize how beautiful peace love and happiness is. We got to spread it and help others heal by being truly happy with ourselves.. creating and doing things we love. Thanks for your inspiration, we are not alone.

  28. 4 years ago

    Over the past 5 years, I would see 1.11, 11.11, every couple of months. In the last year it was every couple of weeks, or a couple of days a week, for the past 6 months it is more than once daily….it is starting to freak me out! Wake up through the night 1.11, what time us it 11.11, how long at this job, check time 1.11….starting to see more times of 2.22, 3.33. Can somebody please help me, it is driving me crazy!!! I have also been told several times through my life that I have sycic abilities.

    • 3 years ago
      Suzal adhikari

      Here im also the victim of same thing.
      Its happens frequently on me also.
      Somtimes thrice a day.
      When ever I see wanna see time on my ph. Laptop or digital clocks I notice the weird forms of time like 10:10 20:20 22:22 11:11 14:14 17:17 and so on…
      I couldn’t figure it out whats happening…
      For times I thought I was the only but when I Google it I found too many of them having the same thing….. If you found any solution or figured it out what actually is it then please contact me.. Im really curious.

  29. 4 years ago

    back then in 2012 was the first time i saw a twin numbers.. i kept seing a numbers like 11:11 a lot and on january 11 my grandma died. lately I saw a lot twin numbers and one of my family died and after that i stopped seeing that twin numbers. And now it happens again. Idk what will happen next. I have no idea whats wrong with these numbers. Its freaking me out. is it a bad sign Or good sign.

  30. 4 years ago

    I am experiencing same since November-2014.

  31. 3 years ago
    Abdulaziz M

    May the peace, Mercy and blessings of Allah be upon everyone. 2:12, 11:11 I have always seen these number sequences for 3 – 4 years now. Its so weird that you wouldn’t understand how freaky it got. I have searched online for answers and meanings to this and found some little clues to its meaning. I am a muslim and some beliefs might contradict seeking solutions from other sources other than islamic. Allah is always with us, whether you choose to believe it or not. “The more you believe, the better things turn out to be”. I found that on a site explaining those numbers…

    I pray Allah continues to guide us and bless us with the good of this present world, and the best of the hereafter and save us from the punishment of the grave. Amin

    Ramadhan Mubarak

  32. 3 years ago

    I keep seeing the number 118 sometimes I see it few times in a day it’s starting to freak me out now as to why this same number keeps popping up everyday in random ways

  33. 3 years ago

    I have been experiencing the same since a while ,may be over three weeks now, Firstly I ignored thinking,its just a co incidence..later on,I got little paranoid when I kept seeing these numbers on streets ,could be on bikes or cars.There is no chance of co incidence these many times…I tried searching for answers over net..Dint help.. This article though really did to an extent..But I’m still not sure about these numbers showing up to me.How do I even decode it??

  34. 3 years ago
    bhupinder pant

    yes i am also facing same problem looking no in series couple in mobile clock like 02:02, 05:50, 01:10, 04:04 etc……

    plz let me know about what is this….

    relly need your help
    Bhupinder Pant
    from india

  35. 3 years ago
    Luka Tadej

    I started seeing numbers just like others here a year ago,after I concluded that this can not be coincidence and saw that others are seeing them too, my crown chakra,heart chakra and third eye opened.This was the best expirience i could ever even imagined even though it took some time to realize what was hapening to me.You become super-aware of everything,i started knowing things I never knew before,the moment before the phone would ring i Would know who is going to call,people would give me answers to questions I asked in my head before speaking out laud,I would experience synchronisities and angelic energies coming upon me so that i would cry from shame for my sins and then I realized I was the only one judging my self.Every one has to become his own teacher and the master of his psychology,fear must be faced and overcomed. I am not a Muslim,not a Catholic,I simply follow the teachings of Christ as well of other great teachers…I see that a lot of people are still very hung up in religion,I respect every faith cause there is some truth to every but religion is man made mind control.No matter how good your faith is or how much you think it helped you or how good it makes you feel it is made to keep you from moving forward…to keep you on your knees and in fear of judgement…would you like to see your children on their knees in front of You.fearing You and would you sent them to hell no matter what they belive or do?God has no ego,He is not outside of you,HE IS YOU……You don`t study astrology `cause your prophet told you so?Do you see what I mean?Why did God create all things if half of them are forbiden even to study?You must understand duality and rise above it,these are tools of learning.EVERYTHING YOU EVER KNEW OR WILL KNOW IS INSIDE OF YOU WAITING FOR YOU TO WAKE UP AND START EVOLVING;STUDY EVERYTHING IF YOU WANT THE TRUTH, YOU WILL NEVER-EVER FIND IT IN ONE PLACE,Stop beliving corupt priests or in jelaous Gods,they are manipulating you using your fear against You.Look at what this world has come to,don`T You think it`s time for something different?1111 is a wake up call from that what you call God,each number sequence has a different meaning.Study numerology,quantum mechanics,art,chemistry….simply everything you can,you will soon see that it is all a different expression of the same thing.Love and peace to all!

    • 3 years ago

      sooperb sirQ

    • 3 years ago

      I have the exact same phenomenon happening to me since 11-11-2011 when I looked at the clock at 11:11 am. I don’t think I need to explain you further…
      However I have never been muslim but was raised christian. Since you are having the exact same alignment of numbers you are seeing, it’s clearly something going on that’s beyond religion. Lately, my life took a strong turn as I discovered my spiritual side – before I thought I wasn’t spiritual! on the 03.03. 2015 I saved someones life in a car accident. The person crushed into a truck while he was on the phone. He was rescued by helicopter after I was holding his position for over 30 min…When I entered my car to leave the site, the clock showed me 10:10 am. This goes pretty deep and yes, there were times I was scared of the numbers.
      Ever since the accident however, I don’t try to understand them any longer. I understand them as a sign that my life is bringing me on the right path and that everything is ok whenever they are around. They actually started giving me great security. I know something is going on, whenever I don’t see any double numbers for some days. And then, almost naturally something happens that brings me back into alignment and here they are again… :D This was really great to read Ariadne – thanks for sharing!

    • 2 years ago

      Luka, when did it become apparent that your chakras were aligning?

      I’m familiar that this all has something to do with the collective conscious awakening. Since I’ve been seeing these numbers all the time and in such great abundance, I’ve read pretty much every article out there, and have watched every video on the subject too. I’ve run numerology charts, gone through countless astrology readings, angel numbers, “the matrix” conspiracy, religious interpretations (which are by far the simplest- “God is with you”, “God is watching”, “Your angels are guiding you”), aliens and “first contact”, talks about soul mates and twin flame signs (which, by the way Adrianne, could be why both you AND your fiancee are seeing the numbers at the same time). There isn’t a single interpretation I haven’t read. You could say, I’ve become a bit obsessed, but only since it’s driven me a bit goofy too wanting to know what it’s all about.

      Luka, you seem to be the only one here who’s had a “real effect” come out of it though. That means that you must have done something right?

      Would love to hear from you…

  36. 3 years ago

    I am frequently seeing same digit 4.44 often make fear of life.

  37. 3 years ago

    hi friends..
    now im in the row lol………. yes same things happening in my life for past two months
    when ever i look at the phone the time is like 11.11 22.22 17.17………..20.20 ext and i wonder when i go out side i’ll see these numbers in vehicles number plates and often now all place where i go…so later i googled’researched and shared with my friends too but couldn’t find out the exact thing so now when ever i see these numbers i’ll just pray a second and i’ll thank my god for the blessings.. #omnammashivayam

  38. 3 years ago

    MasyaAllah I almost cried reading what Sophia told you. I am not sure why though.. probably because it seems true or maybe because (maybe) because Allah is showing me the signs. All these years I was searching the meaning of this 11:11 without the right Islamic guide. Of course I cannot just believe all those website saying about signs and such as they were not Islamic at all. So I just had to understand by myself, being alert all the time. So I have come to a conclusion that every time I am doing something wrong or slightly stray away from what I think I should be doing or what is right, I came across those numbers.. especially 11:11. Like Sophie said, as a Muslim I understand that there is no coincidence, everything happens for a reason… everything single thing happen because of Him. I guess that is why I feel touched reading your writing here.. because I feel like.. finally it is true.. and I feel His love.. MasyaAllah.

  39. 3 years ago

    11 everywhere, for a very long time. What is God trying to say? I’ve been through the “is it a warning sign” and various other theories. It’s not. I don’t trust numerology or what others might say. I’m old now and have seen them long enough to know they are a friend. Whether it’s 11’s or any double numbers, I’ve come to see it’s an indication that we are much closer and more connected than we can imagine. The numbers don’t matter, we do. We are one with each other, regardless of any times, places, beliefs or circumstances. Treat everyone else as if they were you, because they might very well be. But don’t listen to me, find it for yourself. Peace and love 11

  40. 3 years ago

    i always see double triple digit in clock or my laptop what it mean, what sign is this????? please do explain.

  41. 3 years ago

    The numbers are warnings! I saw them before my uncle died. Then before my father died. Then before my mother died. I started dating this girl that I started falling for, then I started seeing them again for the last two days. She started dating a much hotter guy and told me to fuck off and then my uncle would tell me to take my puppy out of his house and give him away (I live in a college dorm so I can’t take care of him). The thing is, its personal for every different person. What the numbers mean to me might mean something entirely different to someone else. I’m just sharing my experience. One more thing, I’ve had an ODE once and my mom had this thing when her hand starts to itch before she gets a bid amount of money.

  42. 3 years ago
    Suzal adhikari

    I im also facing the same problem.
    Its the same copy paste that whatever you shared. Im also seeing weird times in digital formation like 11:11 24:24 17:17 and so on
    Sometimes it happens thrice in a day..
    I fear Somtimes seeing the time.
    Please I wanna make a contact to you coz im also facing the same problem since 3 years

  43. 3 years ago

    This happens to me to and i’m getting scared. Today, I was at Argo tea and i bought a few snacks. I was charged $9.99. One of the workers said, “Wow, I’ve never seen that combo before.” I asked him if there was anything wrong with it. He said, “No, it’s just strange.”

  44. 3 years ago

    Salam! Been seeing this 11:11 a few years back. But lately it is always and some other repeated numbers. And it’s freaking me out now. I’ve had print screen it. And took pic whenever I see it.

  45. 3 years ago

    I am experiencing it now but not with numbers…but my boss. I keep bumping into him everywhere keep seeing his name everywher…but am not sure if this is a sign god is trying to tell me something…

  46. 3 years ago

    Yoo guys I don’t know what to say,this numbers they are freaking me out i cant find the answers but im sure there is something out their waiting for us lets keep on praying AMEN

  47. 3 years ago

    I’m so glad to have found this page. Fortunately I’m not the only one seeing matching hours and minutes all the time! Every single day, for the last 6 months or so, every time I check my phone to see the hours I get 11:11, 12;12, 09:09, 20:20, 21:21, 22:22 and so on. I’m a religious guy, but I think it has nothing to do with the Bible, Quran or any sacred text. I doubt someone can come up with a reasonable explanation for this. Is God/The Universe trying to tell us something? If so, what? Are we unconsciously programming our minds to check the clock every time there will be twin numbers? Maybe once you see it for the first time, you get so surprised and excited by it, that your subconscious mind tracks the minutes to give you more of that, and it triggers a desire to check the hours every 61 minutes, so every time you check the clock there will be twin numbers.

  48. 3 years ago
    Dalih Sembiring

    I paused from reading this article and stared at my laptop’s clock and saw… 16:16. LOL.

  49. 3 years ago

    It started February 29th 2016. During the time I was a budding music artist with dreams to be revolutionary. In the hour of 11 o clock got this foresight I had to write down as I knew it will be important. Stating which direction to take, what is coming my way, and it’s coming much sooner than anticipated. After that my thought patterns changed slightly to more positive as I could greater sense exchange of energies and auras we emit. Started meditating that same night and saw truth to the universe. Began writing about the 4th dimension as i felt more in touch with it. Immediately made changes to my home, surroundings, job, life, faith etc.

    Next foresight or prediction a few days later was the realization I always had a fascination with the numbers 2 or 11. I usually must purchase things in pairs (2 candles, 2 books etc) as it’s symmetry and balance and companions. Another random thought I wrote was “Do not fear, for you believe” after I freaked out after realizing if the light is very real, the darkness is too.

    Prayed to God for answers. The next day I was shopping at the Christian store and opened up to this completely random lady I never met about my story and goals. But before I even approached her she said “I’m very assertive and not meek” very true. She saw my aura and said I GLOWED and my eyes twinkle. Gave confirmation about my path and said big things are happening for me, and gave knowledge of God and warned who to stay away from. Before parting ways she made it very clear it was no coincidence meeting me, it was meant to happen and I will see her again often.

    Starting seeing numbers like crazy. 777, 888, 3333, 222, 555, 444, 0000, 1111, 999, etc. 12345, 678, 789, 2468, 365, all sorts of combinations. Double digits, triples and quadruples on clocks, license plates, clock in/out slips, phone numbers, phone records, everywhere. Studied angelic numbers and they were quite accurate to either what I thought, needed, or was going through whenever numbers appeared. Literally everywhere. Parking spot in my garage number 22. House number 110 on the 1st floor on 112th street. Hospital across from home, building number is 11011.

    On a Sunday, saw 777. Prayed to God and asked if this is really you, show me your power so it’s undeniable. As I was reading the bible, the electricity went out. So I went on a drive, let God take the wheel and lead, AAA5599 on a license plate of a car that cut me approaching the freeway, then sped off so I couldn’t see it again. Then numbers and patterns EEEEVERYWHERE almost every car. Drove my car through the hugest triple rainbow I seen in my life, and went to the beach, the water moved with such force, white caps. That particular day the clouds were so big and moved so quickly. And the sun was so big and bright. Drove back and saw 333 on a Mazda 3, and 0000 on a white car after I parked to record that days events. Hung out with friends after and he was wearing a jersey with a huge 7 on it. Saw 32 everywhere on video games and tv. So I did what that number suggested “spread positivity and spiritual knowledge. Guide and give generously”. Later that night on my way home, saw another number pattern suggesting “you are ready”.

    Another prayer answered immediately after I asked God if music is my correct path. In my fortune cookie it said “you could prosper in entertainment”.

    My new job had a rainbow over it in its picture. And the billboard above it said “on the brink of breakthrough” for a redbull ad, and the character on it looked like me writing on my desk. Turned on the radio and a song about breakthrough was first to play. My friend said sounds like I had a breakthrough when I told him about these miracles and blessings, but I didn’t mention the breakthrough song or billboard to him. And a month before all these things happened my producer said when I first debut it NEEDS to be breakthrough, ground shattering, innovative and new. God is telling me something. He speaks to me all the time through music, numbers, friends he brought us together, deep thoughts, my music. In retrospect before all this, he was giving me signs and everything I went through lead me to who I am and where I’m at.

    Other things to mention, there is a big cross imprinted in the concrete next to my parking spot. My best friend who also sees auras said mine was bright and strong, white and sometimes blue spots twinkling through, which is rare. She also sends me spiritual forsights and warnings during deepest conversation. Sometimes I see light orbs, shadow orbs, mostly in my home and I know there are spirits in my home. I’ve woke up to the sounds of harps playing and when I look at the clock its 11:33 or 11:55 or 3:33. Shortly after the beginning of these miracles, one of my kitchen lights went out so now I have 3 lights in my kitchen, 3 in my ceiling fan, and 3 stage lights in my office. When I first moved in my home, one of the bathroom lights went out so I had 3/4 lights on. I am known to be strong, independent, wise beyond years, influential, good to be around, and one of the most genuine and real most people know. My intention with music has always been to positively influence a lost generation. NOT like most mindless radio garbage.

    What lead me here was that I especially saw doubles on times and anywhere else today so I googled, and this was the first page listed. Funny how this happened, after I had new ideas for music, after I bought redbull and I don’t even drink it that often at all. These numbers appear more often and harder the more spiritually in tune I am or when I share my testimony.

    Do not fear, for fear is how much power you give it, and it will consume you. Be aware the brighter your energy, the more darkness will try to take it down. And boy can they play trickery. Don’t even let your faith shake a little bit, and always be thankful for everything even blessings in disguise or rites of passage. God has blessed me with everything to make my aspirations a reality. The more you believe, the more you can make it happen. Honestly. And before I go, another foresight I had before writing this was “I see the truth, I speak the truth, I am the truth”.

    Take care everyone!

  50. 3 years ago
    Ravi Panwar

    I can c few people are speaking for it and few against it.
    I have red d whole artical above.
    What u r exprenciening trust me lot are feeling tbe same thing but lot dosent means oll. We are few out of lot i strongly admit tht god is watching u testing u prelaring u to run ur responsiblity smoothly for other .
    This indicates about ur birth is not just for u its for others.
    If u survives on the right patb ten trust me ur moving towards ur golden toomarow.
    We are warriors we can feel his presence within us .

  51. 3 years ago

    I see double digits daily on the clock. I would say eight out of ten time that i look at it there are double digits. Some times i have seen 11.11 No body seems to know what the answer is to it.

  52. 3 years ago

    When I was younger I was told somebody special is thinking about when you see twin numbers and now im dating a guy and im always seeing twin numbers I didnt see it first when we start dated than it start happen

  53. 3 years ago

    @Rose, thank you very much. You ministered to me. God help us all in this new and amazing phenomenon, by ways of numbers. I can speak for myself by saying am not freaking out but feeling lucky to be among you all. Most people don’t pay attention or experience this and we all do. We are unique and if our faith is strong in God and his creation, we are blessed and highly favored. Stay blessed and stay positive.

  54. 2 years ago
    Marie from Louisiana

    Get this… birthday is 11/22/1955. I see double digits all the time. Just about every time I check the time it is double digits, especially 1111. It has been that way for years. I am a Christian, I am definitely a believer my my Lord and savior. I don’t however know what seeing the double digits means, but sure is very weird sometimes. I do wonder about it all the time. There is a feeling that goes with it too, but I can’t describe that either. It’s not a bad feeling. It is definitely associated. I don’t let this thing rule my life but I kind of wish I knew what was going on.

  55. 2 years ago

    hi guys everytime i see or watch my mobile , clock or my watch only twin time i just want to know the meaning or the secret plz can anyone help me plz

  56. 2 years ago

    I have experienced this phenomenon now for about two months. All the time I see this repeating numbers especially 11:11,14:14,08:08 and 18:18.Those are the numbers I have seen today and the last 18:18 is the one that scared me and I decided to post and Google more about it. Every time I see those repeating numbers I usually tell my friends and they would laugh at me, make jokes that maybe I’ll die a time like that. This thing is really scaring me especially when I can’t define my position in religious matters. I do believe in God and I always try to worship Him but behind my mind I know am a sinner. Nobody is perfect but this repetition of numbers is driving me crazy. Anyone else with this kind of issue… Please speak out because am scared… Am even scared of seeing 19:19

  57. 2 years ago

    The time frame is not certain..In my case it happened after over six months when I started observing double digits specifically on number plates…It appeared 7227…2727…7272….Ironically…the car which met with a fatal accident also had the last two digits as 72. The accident happened this march 16 in which my twin brother expired. Prelude to this…I also use to find 11:11, 23:23 ,22:22 etc time..whenever I use to observe without intent. Even after death of my twin brother….The frequency of seeing twin digits have not subsided…I see 8004,8484, 8040…off recently…and 84 is my first two digits of my number plate….Not sure if its my turn next….but being an Optimist…I may pass over…Not sure!!!!

  58. 1 year ago

    11:11 is a warning for me.. Everytime 11:11 shows up, i’ll get a new ailment and tries to cope and cure it, and then another comes along. This is not what i wanted from 11:11 >.<

  59. 1 year ago
    Teresa Baldwin

    Hello,, The first numbers that i noticed some time back,, was 2:22 seen it like alot everyday it seemed.. 4:44 then 3:33 then 1:11 and then 11:11 then i seen 12:12 then 10:10.. I know it must mean something.. So I asked a couple of people about it and they both told me the same thing.. They told me its most likely angels trying to communicate and/or to tell me something.. Of course im freaked out and wanting to know of this like right now.. It didnt work out that way.. Then a friend told me it is for me to make a wish as soon as i see the numbers.. This started happening with me oh close to almost a year now and im constantily seeing the numbers daily more and more.. I am very much wanting somebody anybody to give me some kind of feed back of this.. I am starting to believe i am not totally human.. Sounds nuts I know but I am just wondering as I am sure you are aswell.. Thank you much for taking time to read my comment..

  60. 1 year ago

    I have been seeing twin numbers lately and a dominant 69 everywhere my eyes look. I might be a liberal Muslim but nonetheless, there are things i wouldn’t mix with my Islamic faith regardless. Numerology is a science but just like every metaphysical aspect in our lives, the so called gurus spoiled the beauty of its mysteriousness. I am a rational girl and I do use reason to explain most things but when it comes to God, angels and the upper realm which i have no control over, i choose to follow my heart and instinct and it works for me. i learned that the best way to be at ease and make mends with life is to let it all go and let it all flow and let the miracles of god glow. BTW, miracles still happen but we are blinded and taken by the hardship of life that pushed us away spirituality NOT RELIGIOUSLY . Those numbers, signs, people you come across once and leave a mark forever, dreams, flash of past memories, a sentence you read in a book that gave you goosebumps, incident that happened and kept you wondering, waking up at night at Athan…. all these are signs ( God talking to you through signs and your guardian angels bring you forth to your destiny ( which btw can be changed as per your deeds and NOT intentions ) , maybe prepare you for something you are trying to not see or your heart is ignoring ) we all work on frequencies and we are all energies ( souls ) happened to live in God’s realm before he manifested us into our bodies. we are connected to god and so does he, he speaks to us and listens to us and he promised to protect us ( all humans regardless their religions or philosophies in life ) creatures and everything else in this massive universe. So you are always going to be in the right hands. even if its against your well and even if its painful , remember the next life is the permanent one and he is preparing us. The free well, is not about what you want to do , the free well is whether you choose to take his hands and get yourself cleansed for the after life or choose this life to live. Never mistake Free well with; I can do whatever I want whenever i want ( NOPE ) this is not free well, its arrogance and ignorance to God’s powers over you . Just Let it all go and let God’s miracles Glow ( you are the only one who will witness those miracles because he works to your benefit not against you and not only or partially in this life time but majorly in the other one ) be patient, thankful and grateful ( IT WILL WORK TRUST ME )


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