15 Interesting Examples of Real-Life Dream Interpretation (in the Light of Islam)

By Fatima Ariadne

This article should have been published like 5 months ago, were it not for fear that people will flood my email asking for dream interpretation….. to which I might not be able to answer! :D But anyway…. I decide to let this gigantic writing (12 pages long in MS Word) to see the light of the day….

First of all, by writing this, I would never ever claim I have a total knowledge regarding dream interpretation. Nor I’m a “gifted one”. What I’ll provide here are just real-life examples that happened to be working, period.

But honestly, delving this dream interpretation thing alone, is like fishing in a murky water.

Dream interpretation is very subjective matter and it’s not uncommon that the same dream symbol can mean differently for different persons. But for the most case, no one really knows whether a dream you had last night or last year really has a meaning or not. Unless it’s a recurring dream, now that’s a different story.

Interpreting dream is easier if you already know the person’s background really well. At least, if the person recognizes the events that might trigger the dream, the interpretation would be easier. But if not, you can only tell the “possible what that is” through their dream symbols, which again, very very subjective.


Dream Interpretation is Not Divination Tool

Most people always think that interpreting dream is a means to predict the future. It’s not always the case.

Most dream interpretation actually, should be treated rather as an early warning than future prediction. Sure some dreams have a “future prediction” trait, but again, it’s safer to treat dreams as pre-warning or even a feedback to your current situation. I’ll explain the latter.

I’m with Carl Jung that our subconscious mind is our own healer.  Dream is how your subconscious mind, conscience, or God, telling you a clue : “hey, if you keep doing X, the possible outcome will be likely Y”. See the emphasis on “possible outcome”.

And secondly, okay and this is my pet peeve that should be addressed. But many people come up with thought that certain dreams must be a “key to future”.

Dream interpretation is not divination or magical crystal ball, and should not be treated as one. Why? Because first, no one knows your exact future except God. And two, you have a free will to change your circumstance. That said, dream interpretation is not a tool to give up your free will.

After you read this, I don’t want to hear any of you telling me you want to divorce your spouse just because you dream you see him sleeping with another woman or man.


How to Have Vivid Dreams and Improve Dream Recall

“But I don’t even remember my dreams!” – I hear you scream.

Dream recall has something to do with biological sleep cycles and stages. One sleep cycle has 4 stages  which lasts for 90 to 120 minutes. Dream can happens in any of these four stages, but the most memorable one occurred during REM or Rapid Eye Movement phase. If you wake up shortly after REM phase, or during REM phase, you’ll be able to recall your dreams.

The unique thing is, even scientists still can’t decode why our brain experiences REM.

“The Dream” by Salvador Dali

Personally my night life is “wow” ^__^. Usually I recalled 60% of my dreams every night, but only lately I just don’t recall my dreams that much anymore, mostly due to stress and abstaining milk.

If you want to improve your dream recalls, you can do this by keeping a dream journal. So when you wake up, write away your dreams in that journal. Actually I have one in my cellphone’s  MS Word and OneNote. (Though my first intention doing this is to not falling asleep anymore after wake up!)

Secondly, to have a memorable, insanely detailed vivid dreams – here’s the trick. Drink a glass of milk, a small cut of cheddar cheese, and banana at least an hour prior to sleep.

The reason?

One word : TRYPTOPHAN.

Milk, cheddar cheese, and banana are good sources of tryptophan. In your body, tryptophan is transformed into serotonin. Serotonin induces vivid dreams.

Other you could try to induce serotonin production is by taking supplement of Vitamin B6, one hour prior to sleep.

I have a habit drinking milk prior to sleep (even without banana and cheese), and hence most of my dreams are vivid.  The side effect of taking milk before sleeping, however, it will make you gain weight. Well I’m underweight, so this is what I do to add or maintain my weight without hassle. So far it works quite well.

Do this tips below if you can, it works for me ^__^ :


My Dream Examples

“There are three types of dreams: a righteous dream which is glad tidings from Allah, the dream which causes sadness is from Shaitan, and a dream from the ramblings of the mind”. (Sahih Muslim)

1) The Kaaba, Roses, and Full Moon

When I just began practicing Islam, one night in Ramadan I spent my time after suhoor meal with Qur’an, and slept with the Mushaf Shareef (the book) in my head.

I dreamed of seeing Kaaba next to my house. Delighted, I took a bath and ablution, wearing hijab and came to Kaaba. Afterward, I walked my home garden at night and seeing white roses with diamonds in it. And when I looked up to the sky, I saw a huge full moon. Then I woke up.

Though the dream was many years ago, only recently I could interpret that dream. It’s the most vivid spiritual dream I’ve ever had in my life. I remember I was delighted when I woke up, and now I still remember every single detail of it as if I had it yesterday.


The Interpretation :

– Kaaba represents Allah. (In many people I interpreted, Kaaba to them represents their state of imaan/faith.)
– Bath and ablution represents heart or self purification and repentance from the past.
– White roses represents Al Qur’an, as it carries a layers upon layers of wisdom like the roses’ petals. To think about it, rose in Sufism symbolizes the illumination of soul toward Divine path.
– Diamonds represents wisdom, purity, conscience, and truth.
– Full moon is a common personification of Prophet Muhammad, and thus the moon in this dream represents his teachings or Sunnah.

So basically, Allah showed me how I can travel my journey to Islam : by approaching Him (in pure tawheed), purifying my heart, and live by Qur’an and Sunnah.


2) The Vivid Recurring Package

Years ago I used to have depression, and during that time I had COUNTLESS recurring vivid dreams I still remember until today. These dreams are changing gradually as I went through stages of recovery. In this case, all of the dreams acted as a feedback rather than “future prediction”.

When I was in my worst depression state, I had countless recurring dreams about swimming pool, flood, unruly children, oceans, and haunted houses.

Then in the first healing phase, I had recurring dreams about moving from one house to another. I packed my stuff from the old house to new one. But the houses are always haunted and filled with ghosts.

Then in second healing phase, I had recurring dreams about sailing boat on the river and walking under the heat of sun rays.

Only this time I could discern all of their possible meanings. Now it just makes sense.


So this is the interpretation :

First of all, you must understand that every landscape you go through in your dream represents your unconscious and inner-state in one or another.

Now these dream symbols interpretation are examples and not absolute or set in stone, and could differ from one person to another.

How do you see swimming pool? It was boxed, with fixed size, and it’s also very artificial.  Hence (intuitively, in my specific case only) swimming pool represents the limitation of mind and spirit.

Unruly children, is my mirror of inner part that refuses to take responsibility and negative childlike mentality. (This is the only meaning I derived from Carl Jung theory that people you see in dreams represent your own character. And it’s true for my case. I was unruly, rebellious, confused, and naïve)

I don’t know about oceans, but oceans generally represent the unknown, the unconscious, mystery, instability, sometimes knowledge. For my case, oceans more represents the unknown and instability. When I was depressed my inner life was basically erratic and messed up.

Flood — the dream meaning was more or less, represented the inner chaos and spiritual downfall.

House represents the soul’s state of mind, or sometimes the inner-self. The first phase of healing, where I dreamed of changing houses, represents that I had fixed my state of mind from old to new. Ghost in my dreams, possibly represents the ingrained fear, excessive anxiety.

Then the third phase dream : sailing boat on river. River in dream generally represents transition. Hence, sailing on it means making a change or transition. While the heat of sun represents the “light after darkness”, or the truth we finally come into realization.


3) “Who Deserves MY Mercy?”

This dream is kinda made me goosebumps just to remember it. This is experienced when I was in a downtime, and getting really lazy or sidetracked to do my prayers and dhikrullah (remembrance of God).

In this dream, I was standing on the hill and see the world from the bird-eye view. I see some men and women in prayers clothes, doing their prayers. Three women among them doing dhikrullah while sitting and a bit swaying their bodies left and right (it’s common move here while we recited “laa ilaaha ilallah”).

Some people did their worldly activity. Then I saw two holes that represented the grave. One grave had its inhabitants punished by angels, while the other grave had its inhabitant sit in peace.

Just when my eyes were returned to the glimpse of the group of praying people, a very authoritative whispering voice, neither male nor female, was audible from above my head :

“Who deserves My mercy? Who deserves My forgiveness?”

Then I woke up, after several details I could not remember anymore.

The only thing I could say is…. that must be a warning for myself.


Most of Times….. Dreams are Just Rambling ;)

Unless it’s a recurring dream, try to not take everything seriously.

Some (many!) dreams are just rambling in nature and could be originated from your own thought. For example, I have many dreams of ascending to outer space because I’m obsessed with extraterrestrials stuff.

I once had a dream of becoming Cinderella :D. I wore a beautiful dress and danced with an unknown man, but then ran away in frantic when seeing the clock showing 12. I’ve had so many fun dreams like singing operatic aria perfectly, playing piano sonata, floating up in weightless space, calling up hurricane, messing up a concert in dream by hijacking the stage, etc.

They have no meaning, but they always make me smile :D.

But there is one that is so special that I never forget :

“Goodbye Earth” by Chase Stone

One time, in a strange series of vivid dreams —- I left earth in a spaceship  owned by extraterrestrial people of Caucasian race : blonde hair, some brunet, blue eyes and all. These extraterrestrial people wore a black spacesuit with a blue line in its side. In the spaceship, I was a guest, wearing simple clothes and hijab.

At the time of dreams, I didn’t watch any sci-fi movies at all. I had even abstained from TV and most movies for 2 years.

The dream scenes were insanely intense and life-like.

I was seeing earth from elevated space, seeing asteroids outside spaceship window where they looked like a giant floating rocks, and even the speedy motion  inside the spaceship.

I even felt an intense grief why I left earth and everyone I love there, LOL!

Then in second dream, as a continuation, I saw these extraterrestrial Caucasians stood surrounding table. They were led by an elder gray-haired, gray-eyed Caucasian man, saying “we shall travel to to the sun!”.

We traveled to a destination called “the sun”. It was a giant planet with reddish illuminated ground shimmering to space, and from every corner I saw spaceships big and small.

It was very very verrrrry complex scenery, modern beyond belief, and beautiful. I couldn’t describe it by words! Really this single vision alone can beat any scenes in sci-fi movies.

From what I know, riding airplane or spaceship in dream represents a significant transition we’re going to make by seeing things from a different perspective. Actually several months after the dream, I indeed experienced what I called “dramatic spiritual change”. So the dream could have meaning, or not.

Okay nuff ramblings! xD. But my point?

Sometimes you just know better than the interpreter which dreams are rambling in nature.

Sooo guys, it’s verrrrryy subjective!


“Wait, How Can You Interpret Dreams?”

Back then, I used to learn Carl Jung method of dream analysis in high school. But then I gave up, because it’s just complicated. My teenager brain couldn’t discern it. The only thing I’d agree with Jung is that other people appearing in your dream represents your own character.

But even for this, later I found it’s not always true for every single dream. For example, if you see your husband or family member in dream, sometimes it could represents themselves in real life – not an archetype of your character. But I’ve found too the dreams where other people represents the dreamer’s character as in Jung’s theory. Hence it’s not set in stone.

Okay now back to the question : how can I do this.

Ah, man!I feel like opening a can of worm! But I gotta say something here…..

I’d answer, God knows best. I never realize this until my mother related her dreams to me, and I just “suddenly know” the meaning.

That said, I can’t always interpret every single dream. I’ve had my own share of saying “I don’t know” if the dream is just too difficult, I don’t feel any vibes about it, or there are symbols I didn’t know of.

I think so far only 20% of dreams people asked me I could interpret, the rest 80%  is “I don’t know”. And out of the 20%, half never give me any feedback, or the interpretation didn’t happen yet. So I never knew.

Usually dreams from Istikharah prayer (Islamic prayer to ask question to God) are the easiest to interpret, it’s very crystal clear. As for dreams that come from your ego (I call it “rambling dreams”), there’s no reaction at all in my part, and I just know “it has no meaning”.

But the most dominant factor is, if my worship quality with God is poor, I cannot interpret anything at all. It’s just dark. And if my ego interfering me with even a small pride, I cannot interpret anything too.

That’s why if you want to have your dreams interpreted, you must ask yourself these questions :

1. What do you feel about the dream overall? Does something inside you tell you it “contains a meaning”? Or do you just consider it like…. a passing mind-play?

2. How was your life lately? Is there any events that likely trigger that dream?

3. Is it a recurring or repeated dream?

If you want a dream interpretation, no worry. I’ll refer you to an Islamic scholar who’s really good with that, later! :)


Dream Interpretation Examples

These are examples from both family members, friends, and complete strangers. With feedback attached. Though they’re written with the “I” word, none of them are mine. They belong to other people who asked interpretation to me.

I can’t always interpret dreams all the time, but these are just examples when I happened to…can ;)

1) Dream :
I dreamed I see 3 buckets of water, all of them have a hole in the bottom or leaked. The water was supposed to flow from the leaking part, but nothing happened. The water just stayed in tranquil state inside the bucket.

Meaning :
This is my mother’s dream so I know our condition very well. In us, water represents providence. I interpreted this as my father who will work on 3 businesses, all of them will work out though the result haven’t seen yet as for now. But Allah just has them in store. Just keep working on it and be persistent.

2) Dream :
I cooked 3 lambs in a grill, in the middle of desert. Suddenly my father appeared out of nowhere, saying the meat is not cooked well. So he took a fork and sliced one of the lamb to taste it.

Meaning :
This is istikharah dream, which is the easiest to interpret. The desert represents adversity. I interpret the 3 lambs as the 3 years of the dreamer’s unhappy marriage. The lamb sequence : left, middle, right, represents her year of marriage from the first, second, to third.

I asked a guessing question : “did your father sliced the third lamb, the one on the right?”. She said “yes”. So I said, “your father will be your intermediary and help you out regarding your problematic marriage”.

Feedback :
Several days later, the woman said the dream is coming true. Her father came visiting her to think of a problem solving for the marriage.

3) Dream :
This is recurring dream for years. I was in an elevator and pressing the “down” button so it started going down. Suddenly the elevator free fall downward and I screamed like crazy. Then it’s just strangely spinning and I managed to get out from the elevator.

Meaning :
Going down from the elevator represents falling into great sin. Free fall inside the elevator means carrying the consequence of the sin being done. Sure you will survive this, but with a great remorse.

Feedback :
The dreamer later said he was indeed had slept around with prostitutes and finally repented and became a practicing muslim. But days and nights afterward he was haunted by fear of HIV. I told him to have HIV test done, and he did it. It came out negative. But still long time after that, he often expressed his remorse, desperation and grief for doing the multiple fornications.

4) Dream :
My sister’s dream, she saw a man shooting a ghost in dream.

Meaning :
I asked the person if her sister recently has a great anxiety or paranoid recently, and she said yes. In this case, the ghost in dream represents fear, excessive anxiety, or paranoid.

5) Dream :
I purchase a lamb and take it walking with me. But twice in our journey, he just stopped. I have to persuade the lamb so he’d want to walk again.

Meaning :
This is my friend’s dream, so I know his current background well.

The lamb in this case represents his business, as he’s starting a new business. He purchasing the lamb signifies his investment to the business. But there would be some problems on the road regarding it. He must strive and not giving up just because of these small obstacles.

Feedback :
Two weeks later, he reported he has a little problem with his business associate. It’s more a schedule problem and trivial things, but quite annoying as it slows down his business progress.

6) Dream :
I went to a park at night, and suddenly a small wild monkey bites my right hand. I managed to shoo him off. This small monkey went to his leader, which is a really huge monkey. And then I faced the huge monkey, and I woke up.

Meaning :
This is my relative’s dream, so I knew his background very well. I interpreted this as having a problem in his workplace. Right hand in dream represents his work or career. Someone will attack his work, and make him involved in greater problem with upper hierarchy of the company.

Feedback :
The dreamer later told me he had a conflict with his new employer, who’s unhappy and gave a bad mark in his evaluation. And finally my relative’s salary was cut, despite that he is a dedicated employee.

7) Dream :
I walked a road while calling my fiance on the phone, crossed a river through a bridge and went to a faraway place which is my fiance’s house. It was in an isolated meadow and just suddenly I felt isolated from anywhere.

Meaning :
This is an istikharah dream where she asked God through prayer — if the man of her choosing, is right for her. I interpreted the dream that if she married the man, he will take her into a foreign country and live as a stranger. She will have no freedom anymore and have to really cling to her husband. River and bridge in dream represents transition, and in this case, symbolizes her life after marriage. This is not a “yes” or “no”, just a choice.

8) Dream :
I dreamt of wearing a huge necklace, but suddenly one of its sapphire eye fell.

Meaning :
I interpreting this that she would approach fornication with an immoral man. Jewel in her dream represents chastity. She would compromise her chastity, though not necessarily her virginity (no sexual penetration happened). She must stay away and be careful.

Feedback :
She told me she has done “stuff” with her boyfriend. Though no penetration happened.

9) Dream :
The same sister told me after several months, she dreamed she walks in a dark alley wearing a white hijab (she doesn’t wear hijab in real life), and suddenly a robber tried to rape her.

Meaning :
White hijab , again, represents her chastity. It’s in a threat. Darkness in dream represents ignorance of dreamer on the current happening. She must really broke up with her immoral boyfriend who only wants her body, but doesn’t really love or want her.

Feedback :
She said she almost had sex with her boyfriend. But this time, he refused to put responsibility and instead blaming her. Now she plans to break up with him.

10) Dream :
I was really hungry in the dream and ate a bread that happened to belong to a raven. The raven screeched violently, calling his friends which are 2 panthers. I was chased by the panthers, ran into a labyrinth, and one of them ended up biting my left hand and left me dead. This is recurring dream.

Meaning :
The first come up in my mind was the Prophet Muhammad interpreted the raven in dream as immoral man. I interpreted that his potential (his boyfriend) has an immature attitude. If something going wrong in the relationship, he will blame her before his father and another relative. And in return they will blame her and pointed her mistakes without working on the guy’s side.

The left hand being bitten in dream represents fault-finding by the other person. Panthers in her dream represent influential persons.

Feedback :
Later the sister told me her potential is indeed immature and likes to blame her instead of carrying responsibility. And his father and his uncle indeed holds a position key in government.

11) Dream :
I have recurring dream where I ride my car and the brake is always breaks down. The car moves here and there violently.

Meaning :
Vehicle in dream represents your life direction in general, and riding a vehicle represents how you walk your life direction. You are spontaneous in nature and “let everything goes”, but lack of discipline and confused. Try to be a good planner and develop some self discipline. Fail to plan is planning to fail.

Feedback :
The dreamer agreed with this interpretation.

12) Dream :
I was chased by lion inside a house

Meaning & Feedback :
I asked the dreamer if she has a family member or closed one who is so controlling, selfish, and make her life a living hell. She answered “it’s my sister in law. Lately she’s here and makes my days miserable”.


Want a Dream Interpretation?

If you are a Muslim and want a qualified dream interpretation, then contact this Mufti (senior Islamic scholar) and tell him your dream. He usually responds within 3 – 4 days time span. (Kudos to Sunniforum.com members for recommending him)

Other Islamic scholarly websites providing dream interpretation for free is Darul-Uloom. However you must register first before submitting a question.

If you want to have your dreams interpreted in Islamic way, please pick one of those Islamic scholars to help you for that. They are much more reliable than me, and possessing more knowledge and experience combined.

Just in case you are tempted to ask me for dream interpretation, well my role here is only to provide you examples from my experiences that coincidentally worked, which is strictly limited. I’m not an  expert on this and most dreams above I just interpreted them intuitively.

For the note, if you want to contact me for dream interpretation, then feel free to do so, I will not reject you. BUT …. there’s never a guarantee I could interpret your dreams accurately. In most case, I’ll just say “I don’t know”.


Want more? Go to the PART 2 of this article where I shared 20 more real-life, LONGER examples of dream interpretation, Click here




Mufti Ebrahim Salajee (contact him if you’re a Muslim in need of good dream interpretation.)

Darul Uloom Deoband (Providing dream interpretation too, but I don’t know the queue. Looks like you have to be patiently waiting until they give you the interpretation. The website has hundreds of examples of dream interpretation too, you might want to browse them.)

Islamic Learning Materials (I thank brother Muttaqi Ismail for his post about dream interpretation inspired me to step to the edge publishing this article, which I procrastinated doing.)

17 Rules of Islamic Dream Interpretation 

Sahih Bukhari, The chapter of dream interpretation (Compilation of Dream interpretation examples from Prophet and his companions)

Does Allah Speaks to Us through Dream?

My Islamic Dream . Don’t take it too seriously. Honestly, some of its interpretations are really weird. But still, it’s pretty good to give you a quick insight.


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  1. 5 years ago

    That was fascinating! (I actually read the whole thing! :D) It’s amazing to me how some people are able to interpret dreams with any accuracy at all. Some of my dreams are so off-the-wall that I can’t imagine how anyone would be able to interpret them. Last night, I dreamt that I was riding a tricycle and I did all kinds of crazy stunts on it. Prophet Joseph [peace be upon him] was very gifted at interpreting dreams; it’s truly a gift from God.

    • 5 years ago

      loool @ the tricycle dream, sweet! :D. that’s why the dreamer often knows better which one of his dream contains a meaning or just rambling one, that’s what I thought.

  2. 5 years ago

    Interesting article, sister Fatima. Lately, I have recurring dreams where I booked a flight, but it’s always failed. Either I got left behind, the flight’s cancelled, or I never make it to the airplane. What do you think it mean?

    • 5 years ago

      Hello brother Mikhail,
      I don’t know your background, but seeing from the airplane symbol, do you undergo something that’s supposed to be transitional, but you’re too reluctant to step forward and make change? Like, do you procrastinate to make change or something more or less like that?

      • 5 years ago

        Masha Allah. Yes I’ve been in the limbo lately and procrastinating. How do you know that? I hope it’s not magic (just kidding :D). Jazakallah

    • 5 years ago

      wow, Mikhail, I’ve had the same dream over and over again, never got to catch my flight.

  3. 5 years ago

    Extremely enlightening. I appreciate you spending some time and effort to put this together.

  4. 5 years ago

    Asalamu alaikum sister Fatima. My wife and I having problems so she decided to read istighara to see whether we should continue with our marriage or not. This is what she dreamt. These are her words..
    My parents and I went to my in laws house (set up was similar to what it actually is), I walked towards our room there which seemed to be the entrance of a whole new section that was being renovated. It had lime green walls, high ceilings and a step-down lounge. Then the dream shifted and there was dark wood furniture along with all the fixtures and fittings complete and an ensuite bathroom. My parents and I were sitting in the lounge in this new section and then Zubair comes in through the door. He is happy to see me and I think wanted to come hug me, but I didn’t get up so he just sat down on the couch by us. Then the dream shifted again and all the walls now were glass and then the floor moved which is when we realised this renovated section was on water.
    End bit of dream we were leaving from the renovated end of the house and because it was water all around my dad asked my father in law how I would get across. He replied someone will take her across or she can swim.

    • 5 years ago

      the room in dream represents the psyche, state of mind or life, but in your wife’s dream your house represents your marriage. I was thinking that renovated whole new section represents how you fix problematic things in marriage. You’re fixing things out, like renovating a house. This is a small feedback on how things going by now. But the glass wall represents pretension or being pretending. It was a feedback that you’re not being open each other (but Allahu a’lam) or concealing what truly is, and this is what endangers the marriage (represented by the moving floor). There are several meanings of water in dream, but generally flood in dream means being lacking of comprehension.

      To leave the renovated house because of the flood means separation, though not necessarily means divorce. Now here’s the funny thing : in several dreams I’ve interpreted, sometimes the father figure in dream is a symbol of repeated mistake, a mistake we make over and over again but never learned from it. So this “repeated mistake” figure suggested your wife to waiting for a new potential (wait for someone to help her come across), or either survive and thrive (swimming). So I cannot make sure if this father figure means your real fathers in real life, or archetype of “repeated mistake”, and I’ve seen both cases of them.

      Now, end of this : This dream is more like a feedback, rather than prediction. I don’t know your marriage is going, or problem you’ve been through. I don’t tell you this dream is telling you to go divorce. The dream is more like telling, “you’re trying to fix your marriage but you’re not being open enough, perhaps not understanding enough, and you’re looking for a quick fix due to emotional burden (leaving the house because of too much water)”.

      Allah knows best, I could be wrong, though.

      • 5 years ago

        Alhamdulillah that is spot on. Yes this is a repeat mistake but could you please explain the concept of archetype. And I read istikhara as well. This is what I dreamt.. my dream started with me sitting in the masjid.my father in law sitting next to me.i was nervous. . I was introduced by my wife’s uncle to some uncle as the son in law of my father in law who was sitting close by. My father in law was full of smiles.we stood up for salaah. Next it was the same uncle , my father in law and I standing together and he was doing a transaction on the eftpos( electronic fund transfer at point of sale) machine. Then I was in my car. . It was really messy and I was cleaning it out. My dream ended with my wife’s 12 year old sister sitting at a table and her words were. . Divorce is not the solution.

        • 5 years ago

          generally prayer is how the mu’meen recovered or seeking consolation, this is also the same in dream as well. your salaah with father in law in masjid represents you rectifying things with the big family especially wife, and how you rectifying things spiritually. your car in dream represents your life, and a messy car represents a messy life. you try to fix things out in life, and in this case, marriage. There are several interpretations of children in dream, one of it is conscience and innocence. Your wife’s little sister represents your wife’s conscience, and it reveals you that even deep inside your wife heart she realized that divorce is not a solution for both of you. The answer is rectifying things (i.e. cleaning out the mess in car) Allah knows best.

          When I say “archetype” I meant it as a certain dream symbol represented as a living person or certain objects instead of their characters as in its real life, wallahu a’lam.

  5. 4 years ago

    Asalamu alikum…i saw lion in my house in dream . i tried to get him out of my house but he again came back.what does that mean?

    • 4 years ago

      Offer salat…establish regular prayer. Usually seeing a lion or tiger represents Angel of death. But Allah swt knows best.
      May Allah guide you and protect you. May Allah ease your troubles. Ameen.

      • 4 years ago

        But please don’t freak out… It could mean something else… Like i said, only Allah knows best. So keep your faith in Him and pray. Maa’salaam.

  6. 4 years ago

    I wanted to share that I frequently see the moon in dreams, most of the times it’s full moon but sometimes it’s half or gibbous even though it’s not even in my subconscious mind. What does it indicate?

    • 4 years ago

      Allahu a’lam but moon in dream itself has many symbols. It can be marriage (idk but suddenly i was thinking marriage??), sunnah, respected person (in Prophet Joseph childhood dream, the moon was his mother), or phase of life as moon waxes and wanes it signifies what is decreasing or increasing. Some ancient beliefs also connected moon with feminine energy, womanhood, and motherhood.

  7. 4 years ago

    Salam aleikum, I dreamt meeting my fiancé for the first time and suddenly realised I did not wear hijab, I forgot to put it. I thought in the dream, maybe it happened because he should see my hair, which was beautiful.

  8. 4 years ago

    I want to ask you, did you ever dream of Prophet Yusuf or prophet Danial? if yes. means that you can interpret dreams. like Ibn sireen ever dreamed prophet yusuf .. if not does not matter to me,
    I want to ask what the meaning of a screwdriver in a dream? and can you interpret the numbers from one to one thousand Because in the meaning of the dream islamic site has been removed. can you please help me. thank you

    • 4 years ago

      No, I didn’t. Honestly I don’t know what’s the meaning of screwdriver in dream, sorry. As for numbers I was thinking of ”steps” immediately (not interpretation, just thought) but without much detail I’m afraid I can’t help, sorry

  9. 4 years ago

    Salam sister Fatimah,

    I really enjoyed your article and wish you can offer some incite into a dream I had a few months ago that I feel is a message for me but I cannot figure it out. I recently decided to do umrah but didn’t have any financial means as we are a family of 4 and have a mortgage so its difficult to save and go.

    I cried and prayed to Allah to help me, this is what I saw:

    I saw a city that is dark and their is traffic patrol which is stopping traffic from proceeding, however they let me go. we are driving and then I see a lot of white horses but they look like unicorns and then I hear a voice which says Allah will send thousands and thousands of angels for me. Then I get a date of Friday march 10. I had this dream of January 2015 and this year march 10 didn’t fall on a Friday so unsure.

    a few days ago I had a dream of again being in the dark and someone trying to shoot me ( reoccurring dream lately) but then an invisible force takes me and flies away onto traffic/ but I am flying and cars are passing below me and I see the moon and say Lilaha illallah muhamadur rasuallah ( reoccurring) as I try to reach for it but then I am thrown down. ( I had a similar dream when I first got married but in that dream I felt I was thrown down from jannat)

    • 4 years ago

      Alaikum salaam, thank you for your kind words. You have an interesting dream.:-)

      Traffic is your financial situation. Darkness is adversity or trial. The white horses are Allah’s nusraat or help. Car is your life. The man shooting is tribulation. Flying through is getting solution despite/amid the trial (usually I’d interpret flying in dream as unrealistic attitude, but your case is different) . Moon and kalima is coming to the holy land of Allah and Rasulullah.

      The overall dream tells that you will get Allah’s help amid the trials of your financial situation. You just have to open your eyes to the coming opportunities, or specific persons, be thankful if they’re coming. They may be small or big, but they will take you closer to your umrah goal, which represented to the flying to the moon and saying kalima.

      Btw the date March 10 friday will fall in year 2017. Allahu a’lam what this date will signify…

  10. 4 years ago

    I am continously watching of hugging my ex , will you please explain what it represent ??? Thanks in advance .

    • 4 years ago

      This dream is a feedback of your psyche. Dreaming about ex means deep inside you still harbor a feeling about him, and you subconsciously seek a man that has similarity as him, or comparing your current new potential men (if any) with his quality.

      These dreams are trying to show you that you still have attachment to your ex despite maybe you believe you are trying to forget him. There is still a part of you that living in the past with him.

  11. 4 years ago
    S Riaz

    Salam sister,

    Impressive website. What does it mean to see bananas in dream.

    Thankung you in advance.

    • 4 years ago

      Alaikum salaam. Honestly I can’t tell because it depends on the rest of dream story. But according to tabi’een Imam Ibn Siren, banana in dream represents prosperity, goodness, and pious person.

  12. 4 years ago
    s m basha


    i am seeing in my dreams sea and water ,

  13. 4 years ago

    Salaams is it possible I can have your email address I wanted to ask you a questions. Jazakallah

    • 3 years ago

      Sure you can clickj the ”contact ariadne” above :-)

  14. 3 years ago
    Jennifer C

    Fascinating essay. I came across your page as part of a search as I have been having a recurring dream that my family and I are to embark on a long term space journey together on a large spacecraft that resembles a cruise ship in magnitude. In this dream we never seem to launch but we are rushing to be seated for the launch and corralling our children and making small talk with fellow passengers. Prior to this family inclusive dream, I often dreamt of traveling space just flying without a ship. What fascinates me is that in your dream, the alien race is Caucasian. In my solo dream, the alien race is South Asian or Middle Eastern. I am an American of Christian and Jewish lineage, maybe these dreams aren’t about space at all but reaching out and understanding cultures in our own world. Will have to keep thinking about it.

    • 3 years ago

      Interesting :) love this story. Thanks for sharing, Jennifer!

  15. 3 years ago

    i don’t know if you’ll reply me or not but my father had this dream 2nd time and surfed alot but couldn’t find a single meaning. he had this dream that he’s standing on the roof of mosque and i’m asking him to carry and shift me to the other side as i cannot walk by myself in dream, when he carries and shifts me i turn into his dead brother (my uncle RIP) and vise versa. can you please tell me the meaning of this dream. i’m 22 years old and my email is arujmehmood@gmail.com

  16. 3 years ago
    Umar faruk Muhammad

    Assallamu alaikum
    it’s an honour to drop my dream. alhamdulillah, mashallah. sister Fatima, am always having this dream of me crossing the bridge backwards. The last one I had was me crossing this long bridge. After reaching the edge of the river, i struggled to get my self on the elevated ground soil via some green fresh grasses, I struggled really hard that I do almost slip to fall into the river. as I reached the platform there is another river, here i saw people there fishing. I meet this young guy probably a friend who has being trying with the fishing thing but none he can catch with his hook. I asked him to give me if he need a help (which he did) gave me the hook to assist. yes my first attempt was a catch, and then again and again. with a single throw I saw my self catching different kind of fish with one hook. I saw small and big fish, I saw me catching a big catfish. it was at this moment I saw a beautiful young lady coming from my behind to help me.
    please sister Fatima I need your help on this.
    jazakallah khairan.

    • 3 years ago

      Alaikum salaam wrwb

      That’s an interesting dream :-). But since I don’t know your background / event that triggered this dream, I can only tell each dream symbols.

      Crossing the bridge is passing through transition stage. Walking backward in dream might means you can’t let go of the past, your view is so attached to it that you’re prone to repeat mistakes. The elevated ground in dream, including hill or mountain, usually represents challenge. Fish being caught is the Divine providence. Now what this providence might depends on your situation now. It can be job, marriage potential, knowledge, or any positive opportunity. Their size represents their significance.

      I can’t comment on the lady because positive feminine figure in dream can have many meanings. From future marital partner, teacher or helper, anima (the dreamer’s feminine side such as gentleness, intuition, nurture), fortune, fertility, including mother earth.

      Allahu a’lam

  17. 3 years ago

    Salam alaykam sweet sister, great post <3 You are very gifted mashaAllah.
    I wish I could understand my dreams! I love dreaming, especially about nature, I am usually alone, travelling or sometimes with unidentifiable friends.. (people I usually know from real life but they randomly just pop up). The nature and travelling ones are my favourite kinds of dreams.
    I was wondering if you may be able to interpret for me?
    I had a long dream last night in which I was travelling. In a part of it there was a great big white bird. We were in a snowy land but it was bright out. It came to a flock of its own kind and ending up aggressively shoving 2 younger birds before going off. One of them died as a result and it was very beautiful and my friends and I decided to bury it.
    I don't know if this is just rambling of the mind sis but I think it must have some meaning…

    Another thing I'd like to add… I make istikhara and don't really get response in dreams when I need it.. but usually my heart carries on with choices based on what feels right from my own point of view even though often things don't work out. I suppose it must be to learn lessons?
    If you get to this sis, jazakallah khair <3


  18. 3 years ago
    Asandas Co.

    Salam alaikum,
    Not sure if you can interpret this one.
    I am a stay at home mother of 6 children, 33, married (mashaAllah and alhamdulillah).
    I had a dream, about a month ago whilst on holiday and staying with family in Spain, that I was at a river or a stream. I was fishing the way they do in movies (I think it’s called a pole and line – I’ve never fished before or seen anyone fish before in real life, lol). I caught 2 or 3 fish – can’t remember exact amount, although more than one. The size of each was roughly 30cm long and 10-15cm width and they were meaty, lol. I felt so happy and was filled with joy. I was thinking in the dream ‘I can’t believe I caught these fish! I didn’t know I could catch fish. Wow! I caught these fish.’ I felt so proud of myself, lol.
    Any meaning you think?


  19. 3 years ago

    Salam aleykum … What means white spotted horses with little wings are running away from exposure and then they stopp and performing salah ?
    And it seems that they didn’t stop suddenly , but they were running towards place where they meant to b gathered and perform salah … During salah no noise , no Takbir , no words were heard , but I can tell that they were performing salah and prostrating … If u feel difficulty to find meaning , could u please , kindly to adress my guestion (my dream) to one of the scholars you were referring to and send me answer to my email or here on ur site … Thank u in advance , Cazak Allah Khairan, ukhti …

  20. 3 years ago
    Amna Riaz

    I have questions related to my problems how can I ask u and what way u can answer .

  21. 3 years ago

    Darul Uloom Deoband take 20-25 days to reply

  22. 3 years ago

    I had a dream where I entered a building and found myself on a high floor. Then I felt inspired to master a football juggling trick. This is strange since I do not play football in real life. Anyhow I remember thinking to myself how immature it was to try such games and I stopped the game. Then I wandered around on that high floor and came upon an entrance. I entered and saw a staircase leading down. There were women doing solaat on the staircase itself. I made my way down and as I descended I suddenly felt this sadness overcome me and I felt the need to make sujood myself. The I woke up from this dream crying. I simply felt so sad and I can’t explain it. I don’t even know why I’m in tears for this dream. What does it mean?

    • 3 years ago

      You’re playing ball means there is some sort of ”games” and enjoyment involved, though your conscience doesn’t always agree with it (feeling immature in dream).

      Descending downstair is falling into sin slowly, tempted by nafs, despite your nature being quite religious (woman praying on stair is you). Sadness overcame you : feeling guilty. You need to repent from whatever sin you’ve done before it eventually lead to a greater sin.

  23. 2 years ago
    Hamda Ahmed

    This is a very interesting site Alhamdulullah


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