Precursors of Wisdom

by Fatima Ariadne

Wisdom doesn’t come with age or experience. They’re merely a measure on how much gems and pebbles you have collected throughout life.

Nor it comes with knowledge. Many knowledgable people, devoured by their knowledge, misuse their gift – and fallen to dark as a victim, or becoming the servant of dark.

Wisdom comes with receptivity and comprehension. It is an open heart to listen, a willingness to acknowledge that there are the other sides we’re still have to look at.

Receptivity and comprehension are the cauldron of wisdom. Boil down the knowledge and experience into it, and you’ll open up your visions like never before.



  1. 4 years ago

    MashaAllah… If this is really true, I’ll give a shot inshaAllah…
    Btw, all of your articles are very nice. I pray you don’t stop because I’m honestly benefiting a lot from them. Every single one of them. Ma’salam.

  2. 4 years ago

    Ameen yaa Allah. Thank you for your kind words, sis…. Glad they’re beneficial :)


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