Deciphering Divine

Allahu Akbar -- Seven Seas

By Fatima Ariadne

Allah is now, as He always ever was.

Human beings trying to decipher the Divine : His form, nature, life, and intentions, are no different than ants trying to measure the depth of seven seas with perception of ants. Simply because He is beyond what all comprehensions can grasp. And hence what we learn in this world and what we call science, is rather not to approach His persona, but to recognize His fingerprints in all creations.

Think of it this way : “what is time? how is the beginning of time? is the time only illusion? where is the exact location of time?”. Philosophers and scientists debate ceaselessly throughout history just to comprehend “the time”. And we know that time is  the creation of Divine. If we cannot totally comprehend the mystery of time, what make you think you could comprehend Allah, the Divine creator of time? Who had existed pre-eternally before time and space themselves exists?

Anything that is not Him, begins from Him, and ends to Him only. Anything that is not Him, disappears, for He is the single Absolute Reality. Anything that is not Him, dissolves in His eternal magnificence. Anything that is not Him, their decrees depend on Him, while He doesn’t depend on anything. He doesn’t resemble His creations at all and is never in need of His creations. No imagination, logic, nor vision can comprehend or confine Him or His nature, but His comprehension and vision grasp all that exist.

He doesn’t begin from anything, He doesn’t end from anything. He is the Beginningless and the Eternal. Not even the greatest power of creations can overcome Him. Were every creatures gather to ask Him and He grants them all, it will never decrease His kingdom, any more than a needle falling in the oceans (Hadith Qudsi). Time, space, relativity, and dimensions do not confine Him. He had existed long before the “where” and “what” existed by His decree, and He is now as He ever was. His mercy is as the edgeless ocean. His mystery is only for Him to understand.

“O Allah, You are the first: there is nothing before You; and You are the last: there is nothing after You. You are the Manifest (al-Zahir): there is nothing above You. You are the Hidden (al-Batin): there is nothing below You.” (Sahih Muslim)

Glory be to Allah, the Divine One and the Divine Mastermind of all that exists. And praised be His prophets and messengers!