I Met Prophet Muhammad : His Beautiful Messages for Us All

By Fatima Ariadne

“Whoever meets me in dream, actually meets me. For satan cannot take (disguise in) my form” (Hadith)

First of all, I take oath in the name of Allah Most High that I do not, AT ALL, fabricate this event and sayings of Prophet (peace be upon him). I even wrote them one by one verbatim every single sayings of Rasulullah (pbuh) immediately after I woke up in my journal, because of the huge importance it carries for all of us today.

Many of us have forgotten these messages for a long time. We choose to succumb ourselves in short-sightedness, and in our spiritual myopia, we replace the divine light and truth with tunnel vision that is fanaticism, extremism, and sectarianism. Then we attribute all of these ugliness to God and put Him on the blame for humanity’s great sins — as if God is a puppet of our desire and spiritual blindness.


So here is the dream and the message :

It was a night time in unknown desert, and nearby were old styled, bedouin-like houses and three camels were passing by. I was standing alone wearing all-white hijab, wondering where I was. It felt like I was lost somewhere, being isolated alone in stranger’s land without my family, but I wasn’t afraid. I feel serene, so free, and never this free. I looked around and up to the sky, the stars were moving. I saw my favorite star, Arcturus, glowing red like a fire. That was strange but they made me feel elated. And as I started being mesmerized by the view, a middle-aged man was walking toward me.

He has a dark hair, sturdy nose, somewhat tall, white glowing face, several strands of white hair in his beard, no moustache at all, long face but more to its round than its oval shape, thick hands, and white robe with white fabric covering his head.

He was smiling at me. My heart immediately knew it was Rasulullah, peace be upon him.

“Assalamu ‘alaikum, my child. How are you doing? Are you alone?”

I was smiling back and replied his salaam enthusiastically, “alaikum salaam ya Rasulullah!”

Then I pointing my finger to the moving stars and in happy voice showing him, “look, a moving stars! A moving stars!”

Rasulullah (pbuh) smiled, “my child, it’s only a distraction.”

“Distraction?” I was a bit surprised. He smiled and sat next to a rock, and I was sitting next to him.

“How many spiritual people are distracted with these objects. They’re looking for spiritual intoxication, they’re aiming for fanaticism with their teachers and elders or sect when they should only looking for this” he pointed toward his own chest.


“Piety, my child. And piety isn’t just about growing beard or wearing white robe. Well of course growing beard is my sunnah, but there are deeper sunnah.”

“Teach me, ya Rasul”

“Compassion, my child, developing compassion is my most ultimate sunnah. Piety, compassion, judging things based on pure conscience not upon pure fanaticism. Only people whose hearts are diseased shall follow fanaticism and worship their elders or leaders without asking nor seeking their truth. Just because they rule over them.

Aql in Quran is largely misunderstood. It’s not just about using your logical brain, it’s about using your heart as well. Judging things from conscience. Consult your heart, consult your heart, consult your heart. Haven’t you heard the hadith? It’s authentic from me.”

For anyone wondering, this is the said hadith,

“Consult your soul, ask your heart, O Wabisa. Righteousness is what is satisfying to your soul and your heart (i.e. conscience). And sin is what wavers in your soul and causes hesitancy in your chest, even if people give you a judgement, and again give you a judgement (in favor of that)”
(Sunan Ad-Darimi 2533. Hasan according to Ibn Hajar)

I therefore asked Rasulullah (pbuh),

“Is there anything we can do to keep the conscience pure in the polluted world? And how to differ the voice of conscience from lowly desire or nafs?”

He answered,

“Say this supplication — O Allah, keep my conscience pure and teach me knowledge from Your side, not from my lowly desire’s side or the side that You curse.”

“How about Islamic scholars?”

“Truth doesn’t belong to scholars only, truth belongs to Allah. If you can ask Him directly, ask Him directly. The answer will be given to you and your heart will know. It can eliminate the confusion. Many scholars and da’i (preachers) are charlatans especially near the day of judgement . I don’t say you should disrespect the Islamic scholars or leave them, though. But you must filter.

People who drove other people to leave Islam due to them making religion immensely hard, they shall have one of the heaviest punishment of lowest Jahannam (Gehenna) hell and Saqar hell. By Allah who hold my soul in His hand.”

“Glory be to Allah who teach me the truth, although it’s something I’d dislike”

“You’re speaking truth”, Rasulullah (pbuh) smiled and then he added a message I’ll never ever forget my entire life, while pointing toward his own chest.

“Believe in the strength of your heart and you can. Believe that you are powerful enough to create change for yourself and for others.

Remember. Remember my message. Remember my message”

I shed tears with these final words. Never been words of wisdom touched me so deeply, penetrating the depth of my heart. Rasulullah (pbuh) walked leaving me slowly, and as he left far I was staring again at the still-moving stars. But somehow I understood now. It’s only distraction.

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  1. 2 years ago
    Farhan Kuntai

    Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

    All praise is due to Allah who gave you the chance to see our Prophet(SAW)

    I think the message is very clear, we muslims have divided us by creating sects like nadhatul ulama, muhammadiyah, etc. We blindly follow our leaders, we have abandoned enjoining the good and forbidding the evil, we have taken “pancasila” as our conatitution. These are the main factors that contribute to the deviation of ummah.
    1. The salafis/madkhalis who are super harsh and turning the people away from deen.

    2. And then we get western “daees” continuing their lies. Yasir qadhi, nouman ali khan, yusuf estates etc.

    Our ummah is divided and we’ve forgot our compassion, responsiblity, piety and honour. We’ve forgot about our persecuted muslim brothers and sisters. We’re fabricating our religion.

    May Allah guide us and give us the correct understanding.

  2. 2 years ago

    Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh

    I’ve found your site recently and I must say I’ll read a lot of your articles soon.
    I wish we all muslims will listen and consulting indeed more closely to our heart and as mentioned before judge things by conscience. Simply impressive subhannalah.
    Thanks so much for your site. Keeping reading it.

  3. 1 year ago

    I am not a Muslim, but stumbled across this website when searching for a spiritual uplift. I am a Christian. Reading some of your posts confirms to me that Islam and Christianity share so much of the same teachings and wisdom. I appreciate you sharing your heart. I pray that people in our religions will see that utlitmately we share the same heart and desires. God bless!


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