How Much Changes in Life Take You?

by Fatima Ariadne

But First, A Rant….

Just OMG! I realized I have left this baby (Decoding Eden blog) for so long I even jaw dropped seeing in my wordpress dashboard lots of comments unapproved, emails unreplied asking for dream interpretations, and basically everything I have left in a mess! But here I’m baaack! *sweating* :-)

My hands have been recently full with life outside the world wide web that I forgot to update this blog : the kids, a struggling marriage to fix – but it came out well alhamdulillah, handling entrepreneurship stuff, renewing my Quran memorization, my spiritual relationship with Allah……… and my crazy side project that unfortunately failed — authoring an illustrated book. Suffice to say, the book was awful in quality that I canceled to publish it forever.

But I realized Allah always have a better plan in store for me. After all, my life had changed so much I’m grateful that Allah helped me a lot going through these struggles and transitions. Every dates and years in this blog’s articles somehow reminds me of my past life phases. And talking about change…


Embrace Change, Or
Everyone of us is sailor of a ship called life. Look how far you’ve been. 15 years ago, or even 15 months ago, you might not think you’ll be where you are right now. But here you are now. Do you remember some difficult times you’ve experienced somewhere in the past? Of course I do, and I believe we all do! Maybe it doesn’t really matter again right now, or perhaps it still leaves a pain somehow. But pain is necessary sometimes, to wake you up, to open your eyes that even in our imperfection, there’s always light in the end of tunnel if we’re just willing to walk and run and find a way out.

That pain, ups and downs in life, whether we are lost or found a way eventually, is what shaped and created us today. And although transition or change is scary, change is inevitable, change is a very natural part of life. The universe always evolves. From the blooming flowers to volcanoes and mother delivering her baby , change might be the most painful thing we have to endure. But to grow up and be stronger than yesterday, we must be courageous to embrace change.

It’s just we are so attached to our current place, our comfort zones. But comfort zone is ilussion, because when we choose to live inside our imaginative safety net, we are stagnating and rotting slowly. Either change, or change will be forced upon you by nature’s way.

“If you are irritated by every rub, how can you be polished?” (Rumi)

I remember one particular night of my life problem, I cried and complained to Allah in a prayer, and the answer I got from it was clear and assertive :
“Allah is educating you, training you, strengthening you. And He is never breaking you toward the path of destruction”.


Some uplifting messages in embracing life changes :
– Don’t be afraid to take an unfamiliar path, sometimes they’re the ones that take you to the best places.
– Sometimes, changes in your life are actually helping you to leave behind what no longer serves you.
– He who would gathers honey must bear the sting of the bees.
– To reach great heights, you will face different types of tests.
– “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.” (Robert Louis Stevenson)
– Those who have time and search for a better time will lose time. (Sufi proverb)

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