Happy Earth Day! If You Can’t Plant A Tree, Hug One!

Though seems silly, guys, but seriously, try it! If you can’t plant a tree right now, find a random tree around you and give it a hug, say lovingly :

“Thank you for existing and being strong. Thank you for the oxygen. I love you. May Allah showers you with many blessings!”

Hey what! Saying “I love you” to a tree?

Why not! Several research actually prove that plants respond to sounds like emotions on humans. (If you ask me if I do this, yes I actually do this. Well, but without other people see me, of course ;) And it feels so good! )

But if you can plant one…..much better! Do you know that in Islam, planting a tree is a charity? Not just you’ll make mother earth smiles, Divine One will reward you too!

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) messaged :

“When a muslim plants or cultivates a crop, no bird or human being eats from it without it’s being accounted as a charity for him (which is rewardable in hereafter)” (Hadith Bukhari and Muslim)

“When a muslim plants a plant, anything eaten of it or stolen from it (to consume), until the Day of Resurrection, is accounted as charity for him” (Hadith Muslim)

And well, you don’t have to wait for special day to start planting a tree.

But anyway…happy earth day! :)

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