Heart Purification Archive

24 Apr 2017

”I’ll Only be Several Days in Hell Because I Have Shahada”. Are You Sure?

Refuting sinners who often abused this hadith
19 May 2014

40 Beautiful Words of Wisdom from Prophet’s Companions and Scholars

The Companions of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him
4 Sep 2013

Tawakkul, The Road Less Traveled : On Letting Go, Rely, and Trust the Divine

The most in-depth meaning of tawakkal concept you'll ever
9 Aug 2013

How to Forgive Those Who Have Hurt You, Even When It’s Difficult

“I don’t forgive people because I’m weak. I forgive
13 Jul 2013

A Simple Exercise to Deepen Empathy and Compassion to Others

By Fatima Ariadne “See through the eyes of compassion!
20 Jun 2013

Islamic Anger Management : 5 Solutions to Extinguish Anger Problem

Got anger problem? Volatile temper? Blinded by rage makes
6 Feb 2013

Cure Arrogance with This 5 Mindset Shifts

by Fatima Ariadne Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him,