27 Beautiful Spiritual Quotes to Uplift Your Soul

By Fatima Ariadne

No quoting Rumi today! (though I’d love to do that next time for some compilation like this. But we’ll see that, God-willing). These are just compilation of excerpts from past blog posts in Decoding Eden, plus several tweets, and ramblings….. written and presented by yours truly…..^___^

Note : sorry for writing in the title “beautiful quotes”. Anyway, I added that to attract your attention…. And looks like you’ve got my bait, eh! =D But no, it’s not deception. I just hope you’ll find ‘em beautiful, or at least……useful.

Without further ado…. here goes!

beautiful spiritual mystical quote


Sometimes when you ask for a fruit, God will give you a seed so you can plant it into a tree, until it’s fruitful and give you more fruits than you’ve expected.

Sometimes when you ask for diamond, God will give you a treasure map so you can enrich yourself from the journey, and more valuing the diamond itself.

There are many paths God answers our prayers. God may not give you what you want, the way you want it. But He will give you what you need.


Sometimes, how we see the world is a small reflection on how we see ourselves. It’s not the events themselves that matters, but how we interpret those events. Adding words by Marcus Aurelius : “Your life quality is affected by the quality of your thoughts”


This is my definition of life. Life is a complex hologram of reality and consciousness, interwoven through our perception and senses into a path called experience.


Keep your prayers, it will be your compass.
Leave the prayers, and you’ll lose that compass and lost yourself.


You’re not here as the Source of light. You’re only here as a mirror that reflects and transmit the light from the Source. Your role is to keep polishing the mirror.


Flowers never push themselves to grow in a certain look, yet their existence already radiates beauty. Dandelion never envy the rose, nor a grass trying to be a tree.  Nature are diverse and unique. Rose is not better than dandelion and grass is not better than the rock. Everything is only placed according to its role. The Divine has designed nature in such a way that not an aeon exist without fulfilling its role and purpose. You are you. Embrace that.


You’re not a loser, just a lost traveler. A traveler keeps seeking. But the game’s really over when you’re quitting.


If you’ve been hurt too much and can’t forgive, sell your pain to Divine One. He will purchase it with the best reward beyond your imagination. If God is All-Forgiving, then who are we the smaller ones withholding forgiveness?


If oceans never exist, would we bothered to build a ship? Darkness is only opportunity to create light. Disease is only here as opportunity to create a cure. In the end, calamity is here for our collective growth.


Every time you see darkness around and feeling grief or heavy about it, remember that it could be the Divine put you here as the bringer of light.


muslim mysticA mystic never ask or try to be mystic. It’s who they are, not what they do. It’s about being, not doing.

Neither do spiritual people are higher/ better than “non-spiritual” ones. Some people are just naturally seeing life from the bird-eye view. Some are just naturally tuned-in to see life as a giant interconnected web in oneness, some just could “feel” that intelligent cosmic force that binds all things.


Imagine you have a superpower ability to turn back time, so you can fix your past mistakes or change them. Maybe you can avoid that particular mistake you always feel ashamed of. But you will certainly make another mistake. Or you will make the same  mistake, only in a different way – if your mind is already tied to a negative pattern. Either way, mistake is inevitable.


The reason why God doesn’t let you turn back time is to make you responsible of your free will, to make us learn from our mistakes and live with the lessons they gave.


Death is only a bridge. If you want to worry, worry not about the bridge. Worry about the things you’ll find out across this bridge.


Human beings trying to decipher the Divine : His form, nature, life, and intentions, are no different than ants trying to measure the depth of seven seas with perception of ants.


A person who only reads the map and knows the path, is never similar with person who actually walks the path. A person who only watch from the shore from distance, is never similar with person who actually swims and dives in the sea. A mere knowing doesn’t equal experiencing.


The moment you tell yourself : “I’m high enough here”, you have decided to stop growing.


Have you ever thought about this weird question : why are you, YOU? Why do you, become YOU?


If you want to reap the fruits of love, you cannot do it by sowing the seed of hatred. The Universe works by giving back what you have given.


Adversity is feedback, not damnation. Adversity is life’s way of telling you, “You’re doing it wrong! Take another turn!”


With change, comes a challenge.
Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.


Don’t let the storm takes you. Go to the eye of hurricane, find your inner center until peace becomes your core.


How can seeing is believing, when what we see in the apparent display is only half truth?


Remembrance of God is remembrance of home : the place where we born, and the place we’ll be heading to. We are only here as traveler, and Divine is our home. Seek within your soul and you’ll see it. Carl Jung said, “those who looks outside, dreams. Those who looks inside, awakes”.


Adversity forces us to step outside our comfort zone, to challenge the limitations our minds created, and makes you re-evaluating whether you should unlearn all that you’ve learnt. Adversity is medicine that purifies us from stagnancy, sins, and false satisfaction. Wisdom was born from the healed wound.


Forgiveness is not about validating other people’s wrongdoing upon you. Forgiveness is about giving yourself permission to let go of the fire that burned you, to let off the shackle that barred your feet so you can move on. Forgiveness is about cleaning your inner space from the dust of past so the better future can enter.


Humanity is the most complex book the Divine ever written. Just because you read few pages, doesn’t mean it represents the whole book.

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