20 Longer Examples of Real-Life Dream Interpretations (in Light of Islam)

By Fatima Ariadne

Since I posted this long article about dream interpretation, it becomes the most read article in this blog until now. As expected, people have been contacting me asking for dream interpretations. Some I could answer, some I could not. But all credits belong to God alone and only, whom without Him I’d never understood any dream meaning at all.

While I learned a bit about Jungian dream interpretation, reading some dream symbols from Ibn Siren, and comparing it with Quran parables and Hadiths — still dream interpretation is a unique thing where you can’t just open up any dictionary and expecting a one-size-fits-all meaning.

islamic dream interpretation

Sometimes, some dream symbols have similar meanings to various dreamers. Sometimes, not.

For example, the dream about ocean. When I was suffering from mental illness, I had a lot of dreams about ocean, so I found that ocean could mean insanity. Because dreams landscape reflects the unconscious, and ocean reflects the deeper dominant aspect within the self – my insanity at the time. Surprisingly, there were some others too who had ocean dreams when they’re near mental illness.

But I’ve found where oceans can mean the unknown, the future, or even knowledge of gnosis. The story of Moses (peace be upon him) and Children of Israel, stranded by the edge of Red Sea before further God’s assistance — the sea can also mean the future and the border of unknown. If you’re on Sufi path or a strenuous worshiper, ocean is typically a symbol of gnosis or Divinely inspired knowledge. But for some people who’ve chosen wrong path in life, I’ve found oceans to mean dangerous regions for them.

And uniquely, I’ve found all of these meanings of ocean dream symbols to be true — in real life, from people and myself.

It’d be depend on the dreamer’s background as well.

There was a story too about Ibn Siren, a pious early muslim and ascetic who lived at the time of Imam Abu Hanifa. He was an extremely gifted dream interpreter.

One time, a man came asking Ibn Siren his dream about athaan (Islamic announcement for prayer time) and he answered “you will go to hajj pilgrimage in no time”. Another man come asking him the same dream about athaan, and he answered, “this means you’re a thief!”. Both dreams were later coming true.

When being asked why he gave different interpretation to similar dream symbol, Ibn Siren replied he intuitively sensed the signs of piety in the first dreamer, and wickedness in the second dreamer.

To be honest, I wish I’ve understood the meaning of dreams earlier, it would’ve saved me a lot of time and heartache when I was suffering in the past from depression and basically emotional downfall.

That time I had countless recurring vivid dreams. Deep inside I knew these dreams are trying to convey a message for me, a key to my healing, except that it’s wrapped in a riddle.

I started to keep a dream journal and pay attention to some repeated dream symbols, patterns, trying to connect the dots, yet it was still incomplete at the time. At the time, Freudian and Jungian dream interpretation were promising, but it’s quite challenging for my teenage brain, and graduation exam at the time took bigger priority. I managed to skip depression, regardless.

Thinking dream interpretation was superstition, I abandoned the subject.

That was until mid 2012, my family shared each other their dream and with unknown reason, I could immediately understand the meaning. Just like that.

Then like coincidence, some strangers shared their dreams in internet and real life and I immediately ”just know” each of their meaning. But I cannot claim credit for myself, it all belongs to God.

I have shared each examples of them here, in this article.

That said, I have to make disclaimer here. By God, I’m not in any way a ”gifted” dream interpreter. I’m just a messenger. Sometimes I can interpret dream, but a lot of times I cannot. In the latter case, usually I’d just be frank and say ”I don’t know, sorry” than misleading you with false hope.

This article only presenting dream interpretation examples that happened to work.


Dream as Wisdom of Rational Spirit

According to a medieval muslim writer, Ibn Khaldun, dreams come from Rational Spirit (I guess that’s how he called ”subconscious mind”, LOL but I like this term!). In the words of Ibn Khaldun :

”Through its essence, the rational spirit perceives everything that is in the divine world, since its reality and its essence are identical with perception.

”The rational spirit has its perceptions and passes them on to the imagination. (The imagination) then forms them into pictures but it forms them only into such pictures as are somehow related to the (perceived) idea. In other words, sometimes the meaning of dream image is related to its association.”

Ibn Khaldun gave example of serpent dream image. Since serpent is hostile, depending on dreamer’s recent background, serpent might mean enemy to him.

Islam places an importance of dream interpretations. There is a chapter in Sahih Bukhari dedicated to share dream interpretations by Prophet and his Companions, especially Abu Bakr, whom people have come to sought to for dream interpretation since pre-Islamic times.


How to Distinguish the Divine Dream and Dream from Self or Devil?

Honestly this one is a tricky question. In my humble opinion, no one knows except you.

It is said in Islam, dreams come from three sources. The Inner Self, Divine, or Devil. Let’s see each of their examples.


  1. A) Satanic Dreams, or Shadow in action?

Being disturbed by scary demon in dream, or dreaming of a dubious elder that encourage you to do obvious sin right away, is usually deemed ”satanic”.

There is true story from a young guy who said before he officially converted to Islam, he dreamed he was attacked by a strong evil man, threatening him to reject this faith or the man will hurt him. And another one who shared her dream that two female demons stared at her. When they woke up, they could literally feel a ”presence” standing, lurking on their back.

These are usually considered as ”satanic” dreams. (No worry! Solution can be as simple as keeping ablution or reciting some Quran verses prior to sleep).

In the other side, from Jungian point of view, the hated or evil figure in dream might represents The Shadow archetype, our ”dark” side or our repressed inner side. You may agree or disagree.

That said, not all nightmares are automatically ”satanic” and should be dismissed. Sometimes, nightmares may contain warning for dreamers. For example, a ruqya (Quranic) healer may gauge their patients’ dreams to look for sign of demonic (jinn) disturbance or black magic.

As a real-life example, a young impressionable girl joined a certain deviant extremist sect. After joining this cult, she had recurring nightmares of being near the sea, where she was threatened and chased by a violent man pointing weapon at her. Throughout the dream, she’s always running from him along the coastal line, never stops, until she wakes up. In other nights the dreams were escalating into war zone instead of beach, by the same type of violent man.

The girl believed the dreams are ”from satans”. But when you knew her background, the only satan existed was none other from her own inner self. In her case, the violent man is her ”Shadow” figure, a personification of her dark twisted interpretation of Islam. Which harboring hatred to those outside her little cult, and deeming violence is lawful for them when it fits – even if they’re also muslims. By the way, this sect is known to declare muslims outside their little circle as “infidel” and “worthy to kill” (Can you make a guess?).

In other words, the violent man is actually a mirror or a part of herself. Even if he is not her Shadow, he still fits to represent the takfiri cult she’s been involved with and what it’s capable of.

Time passed, found out this girl has joined ISIS and married a fighter without wali (well if that counts as ”marriage”, but it’s invalid in Islam’s law to do that).

RANT : So many people are duped like her into thinking that ISIS is “Pure Islam”. But it is in Prophet Muhammad’s prophecy himself that violent extremists group where ISIS belongs are the dogs of hell and the last generation of them will follow Anti-Christ. But of course you won’t hear that in Fox News.


  1. B) Dream from Self and Divine

Usually dream from Self is easily distinguishable. They would mirror your deepest desire, hope, fear, or daily life. For example, if you have an important exam and the thought of exam can’t leave your mind, you might see yourself doing exam in dream. Or if you can’t let go of your ex after breakup, your ex will appear in the dream.

This is among why dream of marriage with unknown/faceless groom is common in single ladies, go figure! :-)

Dream from Divine is usually very clear, vivid, concise, and they are significant to mark your spiritual progress, or came as a warning. For example, dream meeting Prophets, angels, vision of hell and heaven, life in grave, Anti-Christ etc.

In Islam, true psychic vision (kashf) and dream is regarded as part of prophethood. But we don’t rely on dream to determine legal matters in Sacred Law. Nor do we put it on pedestal unless it is verified or in accordance with Sacred Law. Otherwise, people would easily create novel practices of deviancy (bid’ah) just because they claimed to see some psychic vision or dreaming such and such. This is what some extreme sufis can go overboard with.

People usually underestimate the dream from the Self, easily dismiss them as meaningless mind ramblings. But believe me, even the dream from the Self can be as valuable sometimes. They are reflection, feedback of your own inner self and life progress. They can tell sometimes, where you are on in this life currently. This is where I’m agree with Jungian view : subconscious mind can act as a teacher.

And not all Divine dreams predict the future. So don’t expect all dreams to be crystal ball – except yeah, crystall ball to the soul.


  1. C) Recurring/ Repeated Dreams

The recurring dream is almost always true, even if they came from the self. When you have repeated dreams, most likely it means you’re making mistake but not doing something significant to change it. Or it tries to tell you a message, but you have yet to get it done right. Rational spirit is patient. From my personal experience, recurring dreams will stop if you realize your mistake and make a change about it.

For example, when I was an ignorant muslim and borderline agnostic, I used to have several repeated dreams about imaginary hell / heaven. In one of these dreams, I would go with an angelic figure in the form of tall human person, going down with elevator to something like 3000th level underground floor, which he said to be hell. But when I saw this ”hell”, it’s only a literally dark (I mean dark as in ”lightless”) hall. And when I went to ”heaven”, it’s filled with trees made of hanged lanterns and white papers leaves.

Only now I could comprehend why the heaven/hell was imaginary. Before that heaven/hell in afterlife, the smaller version of them already exists in this life, right now. Darkness represents ignorance and trial. In the words of Ghazali, ignorance is a spiritual hell in itself.

Trees represent life element. White papers and lantern in the dream represent knowledge, wisdom, hope in truth. Knowledge is light, and darkness is the absence of light.


Examples from my own dreams

From time to time, I usually keep a small dream journal within my diary. These dreams came according to my life stages.

1) I was in a desert place at night, In what seemingly to be a nuance after battle. My mind told me Uhud Battle just ended, and now I’m around Mount of Uhud. Some people (probably Quraish pagans) lit a bonfire and brought a huge desert animal to eat, they’re dancing and celebrating. Others were weeping for the fallen ones.

At one point, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) sat on a big rock, wearing cloak that only half his face and beards were visible. And yet his face was beautifully glowing white in moonlight.

I walked approaching Prophet (pbuh), in which he said in a clear voice :

“When Abu Jahal entered his grave, the first thing that Allah did to him was breaking his voice box”

Interpretation :

When I woke up, I was confused by the cryptic saying of Rasulullah (pbuh). And partly disbelieved how can this sinner meet the blessed Prophet. But coincidence or not, as my family turned on TV broadcasting hajj the next day, it was showing the Mount of Uhud. Imagine how greatly surprised I was that everything displayed on it, was exactly the same as the Uhud landscape I saw in the dream!!!!

So I asked my husband’s opinion. He replied — this is a ”compensation” for my weak imaan (faith) at the time, and the Prophet’s message was specifically for me. He pointed out that historically, Abu Jahal was a learned man. He knew that the message of Islam is true, he knew that Muhammad (pbuh) truthful, but he refused the Divine message regardless and became the infamous arch-nemesis of Islam. Just because he’s arrogant, didn’t want to lose his noble status as the guardian of Sanctuary.

My hubby pointed out that I have knowledge of Islam more than him, I know many things about Islam that he doesn’t know, but my actions do not reflect my knowledge at all. I was slacking in my prayers, immensely stubborn and quarrelsome to deal with, and sometimes I acted as if I had an atheist alter ego.

So it was like ”parallel” of Abu Jahal, his learned-ness didn’t help him at all. In fact the breaking of voice box in the grave signify the closing door of excuses. In afterlife’s judgement, there will be no futile excuses accepted before God. “This is a day they will not speak. Nor will it be permitted for them to make excuse” (Quran 77:35-36).

Interestingly, the Battle of Uhud was the time when early muslims lost battle to the Quraish pagans due to their heedlessness. And God chastised them through the revealed verses. So in the dream, it’s like my situation when my “dark side” ruled over my psyche. Battle in dream itself represents the battle we face within ourselves. Night in dream can represent trial or ignorance, and in my case it was the latter.


2) Several days before I met the Prophet, I met the angel of death in dream. Hands down, after a dream of seeing hell in my childhood, this is the most frightening dream I’ve ever had in my life, such that I don’t want to be detailed about it.

But regardless there was an interesting dream symbols here. I saw bunch of dead people or zombies praying inside library. It is said they’re already dead, and some were waiting for their turns. Some even had only skeletons left.

Interpretation :

This death is not literal death. The meaning of metaphorical death is repeatedly explained in Quran, for example :

“Surely you cannot make the dead hear, and you cannot make the deaf hear when they go back retreating” (Quran 27:80). Some scholars of exegesis stated that the dead in this verse is metaphor for people with dead hearts.

So the meeting of death angel signified my dead hearts, my piling sins and heedlessness toward God.

An interesting dream symbol to note is the dead people praying at library. This represents a part of me that prays only with my body, but not with my spirit. Library is knowledge. This dream symbol illustrated how my knowledge didn’t help me at all in attaining spirituality.


3) I was with my husband in a large hall when he was entering an elevator that looked like spaceship capsule. He said, “come with me” but I refused. Later the elevator moved upward, he still said “come with me”. I immediately run and jump upward to chase him.

In the next scene, we were inside a flying airplane. I sat on the back, while he’s on the front seat. He had a really wide window, mine was narrow and small. So I moved to his side. From outside the window we saw a circle-shaped green field from where we left.

Interpretation :

Flight by spaceship or airplane in dream represents self transformation and embracing life change by seeing things from different perspective. The elevator going up in this dream, maybe means elevation of knowledge.

The airplane window denoted a wider perspective of life, seeing things from the bigger picture. My husband had a better, wider perspective than me — though our goals are similar. In real life I’m always the stubborn one, so the Rational Spirit was telling me to pay attention to his smarter ideas instead of being a quarrelsome witch with him.

The circle represents completion. Completion of one life stage, to move on to another.


4) A unique dream I had in Ramadan. I was in a mall when I had lucid dream or I realized I’m dreaming. I said in affirmative ”I want to meet Prophet Muhammad!”. Suddenly in front of me two acoustic pianos appeared. I knew it was a test, but given my love of piano, I played a sonata on one of them. In the middle of song, I realized it’s temptation to distract me. I said again in affirmative I want to meet the Prophet, now!

Suddenly my subtle consciousness was flying out from my body. It exactly felt like one of my astral projection experience.

I became lightweight like a leaf, swiftly floating in a spirit form through a portal. But this portal is a long corridor of library. Papers from books are falling to floor, scattered everywhere like autumn leaves in the wind wherever I passed/flown very swiftly.

I arrived in a place. I walked a small road made of beige solid rock and stepped up a small staircase that lead to a small yard. There are seven elder men wearing white thobe and turbans, stood under a white flag. Three of them were wearing green turbans.

I immediately recognized them as the Sufis, awliya, the saints or friends of God. I was mesmerized by the view. I told them I want to meet the Prophet. One of the man replied, ”We will tell you how to meet him”.

Interpretation :

Mesmerizing dream, yet unfortunately I can’t implement its message in my life due to some situations and hardships. When I thought in the lucid dream to literally meet Prophet, Rational Spirit instead pointing me to another path to teach me a lesson.

The two pianos in this dream represents the worldly pleasures and its temptations. Number two is related to life’s duality.

The fact that I astral projected in dream means that what I’ll find would be transcending for my consciousness or spirituality. But frankly I often dream of having astral projections and floating swiftly from place to place with my subtle body, so I don’t always find this meaning to be consistent.

The fallen books and scattered paper mean that this spiritual knowledge will not be found in books. The most interesting part is the meeting with the seven saints. The number seven in dream is divine number, it could represent completion. White flag indicates an authority of something that is pure or holy.

The overall dream message is in order to get a true and complete knowledge in religion (to ”meet the Prophet”) and transcend yourself at the same time, reading from books alone is not enough. You must study it under the direct guidance of living scholar or ‘awliya (saint, friends of God).


Dream Interpretation Examples from Other People

I took them from people who requested me dream interpretation online, from previous blog comments, emails, etc. Of course I don’t list every single interpretation request that came to me :-) .

1) I was walking upstairs, very high, on the top of it there was a man wearing a lot of jewels of pearls and diamonds, standing on a gate. I entered the masjid therein, sat, and in my palm I held a tasbeeh (rosary) beads. It was shaped like a necklace of pearls and diamonds.

Interpretation :

The jewels are timeless wisdom, purity, knowledge. The man with jewels are the man who have them, like Islamic scholar. Rosary beads with pearls and diamonds that you held are the knowledge you’ll pursue, and the fact that it s tied like necklace is because this knowledge will be a systematic one, for example Quran exegesis and Jurisprudence. The walking upstairs is a progress as God had revealed, “God will raise those who have believed among you and those who were given knowledge, by degrees.” (Qur’an 58:11)

Feedback :

After I told the interpretation, the dreamer said he indeed plans to register into an Islamic academy, mainly to study Exegesis of Qur’an.


2) I was standing on the yard and there were some elder men who are said to be friends of God. I was digging the earth with my sister until inside a house. Suddenly the blood flowed from inside the earth.

Interpretation :

The elder known as ”friends of God” in your dream are the Sufis. The earth and house are your inner self. Your sister is personification of your character.

The digging of earth is the inner search, the blood is pain from the past or sins. This process is the beginning of a person who tread the Sufism path : repentance. You seek deep into your soul, you repent from your past sins and release them by repentance, or letting it go to God.

The earth can represent the heart as well, so the digging of earth can signify contemplation, and extracting blood therein is purification of heart from sins and rancor. There is a verse, “know that God revives the earth after its lifelessness” (Qur’an 57:17). Ibn ‘Abbas commented regarding the verse, “God softens the heart after they had grown hard, making them humble and repentant. He brings the dead heart to life with knowledge and wisdom.”

Feedback :

The dreamer said he has a relative who’s a Sufi, that Sufism interests him and he might follow this spiritual path by joining a Sufi Order (tariqa).


3) I was standing on Prophet’s graveyard. Then immediately i was in my grandparents house in a room full of my aunties, my hair had dandruff so i washed my hair in front of them with shampoo then combed it and my hair became clean and shiny.

I was in Makkah in a mosque, it was Friday prayer time, i did wudu(ablution) then entered the prayer hall and sat down to listen to the sermon, the sermon was being given by my local mosque imam, after the sermon the imam took out a few white doves and let them fly, then I prayed the Friday prayer.

Interpretation :

Generally the dream listening to Islamic scholar, it might be that your Islamic knowledge, wisdom, or worship quality will be increased. Washing hair represents the purification of mind, beginning of repentance, as the hair in dream represents the mind. The elders in dreams can have multiple meanings, sometimes they can either mean the repeated past mistakes that’s never amended, or they can represent the forgotten wisdom – it all depends on how you see these elders in dream, positive or negative.

The grave in dream has many meanings, some positive some negative, but when I read “the Prophet’s grave” what I thought first time was “a new beginning” and “inheritance treasure”. Grave can mean “a new beginning” because generally barzakh (life of grave) is actually a new life in other dimension. Prophet’s grave can also mean inheriting something out of his Tradition or Sunnah, as the Hadith narrated by Abu Bakr “when Prophets die, they don’t leave money or worldly thing, just knowledge”. And religious knowledge is his inheritance.

Talking about Prophet’s grave in dream, Imam Abu Hanifa once dreamed seeing himself excavating Prophet’s grave. Frightened with this dream, he asked Ibn Siren who answered that the dream meant the great Imam will dig and convey his blessed Sunnah.

And as for the white doves. White dove is symbol of spirituality, Divine message or messengers. So the imam unleashing doves is just a symbol on what scholars do, spreading spirituality and Divine message.

Feedback :

The dreamer affirmed this interpretation, saying some of them already happened.


4) My fiance asked in istikhara prayer whether to marry me or not. She dreamed she saw blood on the wall. She’s in doubt to marry me, please help! I love her!

Interpretation :

Wall is her ”heart wall”, it represents what she considers as protection by putting barrier between herself and people. And the blood is intense fear, pain, or trauma. The dream doesn’t tell her she should cancel her marriage to you. Just telling her she must open her heart from that ”heart wall”, and resolve her past fear, then she will be ready to marry you.

Feedback :

The dreamer said his fiance’s parents are divorced. This separation consumed her, made her traumatic and constantly in fear if she’s married, it will end up like her parents.


5) My fiance came visited me in a house, took me inside his red car with him…. We later walked on a hill with my father. We finally made it to the top of hill. The view was so beautiful from up there.

Dreamer’s feedback :

She’s asking through istikhara if her man is the mr.right for her.

Interpretation :

Red color means enthusiasm and passion. Vehicle in dream represents life, which in the case is your man’s life since it’s his car. So, your man is actually passionate to have you in his life. The hill represents challenge. Being in the top of hill is overcoming challenge. Your relationship will be challenging, so you must be patient, but you two will insha Allah overcome it and your struggle will be fruitful.

Dreamer’s feedback :

She affirmed the challenge was coming from her fiance’s background. He is an Islamic scholar. While she is a widow with small children. This kinda makes her uncomfortable, plus there are several other things too that she must adjust while being with him.


6) My parents and I went to my in laws house……, I walked towards our room there which seemed to be the entrance of a whole new section that was being renovated…………… Then the dream shifted again and all the walls now were glass and then the floor moved….. this renovated section was on water. End bit of dream we were leaving from the renovated end of the house. And because it was water all around my dad asked my father in law how I would get across. He replied someone will take her across or she can swim.

Dreamer’s background :

She is doing istikhara prayer to ask problem solving regarding divorce.

Interpretation :

The room in dream represents the state of mind or life, but in this dream your house represents your marriage. I was thinking that renovated whole new section represents how you fix problematic things in marriage. You’re fixing things out, like renovating a house. This is a small feedback on how things are going by now. But the glass wall represents pretension or being pretending. It was a feedback that you’re not being open each other or concealing what truly is, and this is what endangers the marriage (represented by the moving floor).

There are several meanings of water in dream, but generally flood in dream means being lacking of comprehension. To leave the renovated house because of the flood means separation, though not necessarily means divorce. Now here’s the funny thing : in several dreams I’ve interpreted, sometimes the father figure in dream is a symbol of repeated mistake, a mistake we make over and over again but never learned from it. So this “repeated mistake” figure suggested you to wait for a new potential (wait for someone to help her comeacross), or either survive and thrive (swimming). So I cannot make sure if this father figure means your real fathers in real life, or symbol of “repeated mistake”, and I’ve seen both cases of them.

Now, end of this : This dream is more like a feedback, rather than prediction. I don’t know your marriage is going, or problem you’ve been through. I don’t tell you this dream is telling you to go divorce. The dream is more like telling, “you’re trying to fix your marriage but you’re not being open enough, perhaps not understanding enough, and you’re looking for a quick fix due to emotional burden (leaving the house because of too much water).”

Dreamer’s feedback :

Said it was spot on.


7) I was standing on the dock near the sea. Sky is clear. Far away in front of me was a silhouette of an unknown man. Behind me, my ex-husband was standing. Suddenly the dock torn apart to two, separating us. My husband swims to chase me.

Dreamer’s background :

She’s asking in istikhara regarding her divorce.

Interpretation :

Standing at dock is where you are in life now. The sea is future or the unknown. Silhouette of unknown man is your future potential partner. The breaking dock is your divorce. Direction of behind signifies your past. But your ex-husband chasing you means he still loves you and wants you, regardless the divorce.

Dreamer’s feedback :

She’s agree, but her ex has already married to another woman. Regardless, he still kinda pursue her, trying to make point how he still loves her. She can feel it but must ignore him. Looks like he isn’t very happy with the new wife. Honestly this part is confusing, why? But I didn’t ask the dreamer further, not my business…


8) I dream about hugging my ex, it’s a repeated dream.

Interpretation :

Dreaming about ex usually means there is still a part of you that living in the past with him. Your conscious mind might telling you that you have gotten over him. But subconscious mind doesn’t lie. You’re still unconsciously attached with him. If you’re still single you might seek a man that has similar quality to him, and if you already have a man you’ll (rather unconsciously) compare him with your ex.


9) The dreams of my mother, she saw me shrinking in size and then my husband poisoned me. Her relatives were there and saw it, but did nothing. Then she saw me with my husband going on a train, I was carrying a huge baby boy. (I was childless in real life)

Interpretation :

This came at my earlier days of interpreting dream, and honestly I didn’t know how to answer so I thought I’d just be frank with her about it. But suddenly, an answer just ”dawned” on me that the woman was trapped in unhappy marriage, she was forcefully married off, verbally abused by her husband, but somehow the marriage still (and must) continue lest her family will get a shame from relatives.

So I asked her beforehand whether these scenarios happened, and she said yes! All credits belong to Allah alone and only.

Being poisoned is related to her husband’s abuse, and her shrinking size was her helplessness. The train represents her life after marriage, and as you know it the train movement is limited within its rails. So it’s a life of limited choice and very little change. The baby boy represents her burden, and huge baby is a huge burden she has to carry. (Fyi there are several meanings of baby in dream).

So the dream actually warns her mother about her daughter’s suffering, and the relative’s indifference.

Dreamer’s feedback :

She’s agree, but she still concerns her mother and relatives, the dreaded honor thing . I further told her that it’s her life, not her relatives. It’s her who feels the suffering, not them. They won’t give a damn. So if they scold her for that — screw them. It’s hard to break this (very un-islamic) culture, but for the sake of her happiness longtime ahead she must decide what’s best for her.


10) I was walking a with a few friends, we came towards a construction site, my mates crossed a path, while i was crossing the path cement got poured over me and I died, then immediately I was brought back to life at the same path, this time i crossed the same path knowing cement will be poured in it. After crossing the path I was in the future in which i had become a saint.

Interpretation :

This dream immediately reminds me of this Quranic verse :

“And is the one who was dead and We gave him life and made for him a light by which to walk among the people is similar like the one who is in darkness, never to emerge therefrom?” (Surah Al An’am 122)

There are several meanings of death in dream, one of them is transition. Sometimes Quranic metaphors associate the death with sins and dead hearts. But this death in dream might mean the death of ego.

There’s a well-known Sufi proverb that a spiritual warrior is the one who breaks idol, and the idol of each man is his own ego. Death of ego marks the beginning in the path to sainthood.

Construction site might represent worldly life or dunya that ever changing. Path is the passing time of life. Since this dream came before Ramadan, it acts as a little encouragement that you should take advantage of this holy month to be a better person afterward.


11) I had repeated dreams where I booked a flight but I never manage to catch the flight.

Interpretation :

Flight by airplane in dream represents self transformation and embracing life change by seeing things from different perspective. When you fail to fly by plane, you might not really ready for change deep inside, or you’ve been procrastinating.


12) I was sailing in kayak in the sea with Noah (peace be upon him). Near him were two boys, light and darker skin.

Interpretation :

The ship of Noah (pbuh) might represents the Sunnah of our Prophet as the saying of Imam Malik that Sunnah is like Noah’s ark, whoever embarks on it will be saved. However kayak is a smaller vehicle, insufficient to travel the vast sea for a long time, hence kayak in this dream reflects your own shortcoming in fulfilling Sunnah. Ocean in this dream represents knowledge of gnosis. The two boys represent duality of choices you made in life between good and evil.

Dreamer’s feedback :

He affirmed this meaning and told me he had indeed abandoned some Sunnah practices.


13) I had repeated dreams where I’m crossing bridge backward. In the last dream I was crossing bridge on river, walking through elevated land that is slippery. Saw a friend fishing, I do fishing with him catching several fishes big and small. From behind me a beautiful lady appeared and said she wanted to help me.

Interpretation :

Bridge and river are important dream symbol, which represents transition, change phase in life. But walking backward in dream means you’re still attached to the past.

The elevated land is challenge you have to overcome. Catching fish is gaining Divine providence, or in simpler words — opportunity. Depends on your life, this fish might be job, scholarship, or any goal you’re pursuing, and their size represents their significance. The lady is a positive feminine figure, she could be a potential life partner, or dreamer’s own intuition, or outside helper or teacher.


14) I saw a nest and eggs, huge. I ordered someone in charge to guard them from snake.

Interpretation :

The nest represents womb and eggs are woman’s purity or chastity. Snake represents immoral man who’s trying to exploit it. Think of snake trying to invade the nest as sexual penetration, you got the idea! So the overall dream message is be careful of man who’ll try to approach or seduce you just to taste your body.

Dreamer’s Feedback :

She agreed and said she’s almost approaching unlawful relationship (aka fornication) with a boyfriend, but now she repents.


“Can I Have My Dreams Interpreted?”

I’m not always able to interpret every single request, but those are the ones when I happened to be able to. So I have to once again state my disclaimer here. I’m not by any means “qualified” or ”expert” to give dream interpretation. I’m just lazy and running out of idea to write a blog post, that’s why I write this stuff LOL. So if you’re muslim and you think it’s so important to you, better find a trusted shaykh first.

But if you still want to try me, then go ahead and click here to email me. (Please don’t ask your dream interpretation request in comment section, 80% chance I’d just be very late reading it)

but know that I could make mistake or not knowing. Sometimes dream symbols can have multiple meanings, so in this case I might have to ask your background a bit, or just give up and tell you I don’t know.



– Can you predict future outcome through dreams?

Most dreams I knew are actually feedback or forewarning, rarely future prediction. So I’d suggest you not to view this thing like fortune telling or psychic reading. Your efforts, choices, decisions, prayers all shaped your future.

– I’m not muslim, can I ask for dream interpretation? But will you proselytize me? Will you spam me to death to follow your religion?

Yes, ask away. And no, I’m not interested in proselytizing anyone, or preaching you to ”believe” what I believe. Or preaching you on morality. You’re adult, you know better. Whether you’re atheist or Buddhist or Jewish, come. Your faith is yours, my faith is mine. With only ONE condition : never ever insult Islam in front of me.

– Really? Just like that?

Please tell me a bit of your background and events that most likely trigger the dream. I’m not a psychic I don’t have crystal ball to your life. :-)


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  1. 3 years ago

    Hi, I dream a lot ! good dreams & bad dreams ! some dreams exact came true in my life ! I had a bad dream recently and i am really worried about it! I saw that ”someone is telling me that i have BLOOD CANCER and I’ll die next year on 5th November . After hearing that i started to cry tell my family and they started to cry and i saw everyone’s tear” . could you interpret this dream???

    • 3 years ago

      If I were you I’ll either go to doctor to check everything, or I will just ignore that dream, as it might be satan’s ploy to make you dwell on negativity. Death is a secret or unseen matter only Allah knows.

      Even in most cases I found, death in dream could represent either completion, new beginning, change, or falling into sins as Quran described death as death of heart sometimes.

  2. 3 years ago
    Jibia Lady

    Jaxakillah bi khair….. Please help me with the meaning of minutes in dream ;Specifically 100 minutes….

    • 3 years ago

      I don’t know since time in dream can depend on the context, but generally looking at time might mean waiting for an important event or change in life, the number 100 represents completion.

      Wallahu a’lam.

  3. 2 years ago
    sumaira Rasheed

    very helpful and informative. thanks for sharing.


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