5 Sep 2017

We May See A Piece of Puzzle, but Not the Entire Picture

reflection on Islam and open-mindedness
17 May 2017

Into the Paradise that We are – Zuhd & Immortality Redefined

interesting and almost unheard of before, dispelling myth about
3 May 2017

20 Beautiful Quran Verses on Wisdom We’ve Terribly Forgotten

rarely quoted Quran verses about spiritual wisdom
24 Apr 2017

”I’ll Only be Several Days in Hell Because I Have Shahada”. Are You Sure?

Refuting sinners who often abused this hadith
20 Apr 2017

”Light Upon Light” Spiritual Interpretation : The Sublime Voice of Heart

heart-moving interpretation of ''nurun ala nur'' verse of Quran
5 Apr 2017

Where is the Justice in Hellfire Punishment?

The truth about who deserves hell...
14 Mar 2017

Life Musings : Can You See Through the Inner Soul of All Things?

A powerful conscious shift to change your life, skip
9 Feb 2017

Stop Treating God Like Ebay Shopping Cart!

A deep conversation with a wise friend on the
9 Jan 2017

I’m Authoring a New Book!

Official announcement...sort of.
10 Dec 2016

Surefire Ways to Overcome Envy and Jealousy

When you understand your subject of envy, there's really